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  1. Yep, you're not alone , I posted about the same issue below: http://www.hinterlandforums.com/index.php?/topic/15749-cant-light-fire-lay-bedroll-run-or-crouch/
  2. This issue has just happened again. Stalker, PV, in the barn to the west of the farmhouse. Went to have an hour nap to warm up but suddenly couldn't lay my bedroll down, nor add more wood to fire, or stand up. I can't survive the incoming blizzard there nor can I crouch walk slowly back to the farmhouse in time so I've had to quit out of the game.
  3. Actually this did solve the problem when I first had the issue (and made this thread). I (daftly) deleted ALL saves for all games to see if it would remove the pop-up error. It did and many hours of play later it's yet to reappear.
  4. I play on XBox, I've put at least 30 hours into the game since the update and haven't found it "unplayable" in the slightest.... well occasionally I might have to look up at the sky when I check my status under certain 'bright snow' conditions. Other than that, no problems at all. Other people have mentioned the white UI though so maybe it's an issue to be looked into.
  5. The bedroll issue is the same bug I had (detailed in the thread below), and I also have had the firestrike sound bug the only time I used it. Others too have reported this issue.
  6. Ahh right, well I Know that bear well, 'Stuffy' he is then.
  7. Scruffy is in Desolation Point, in a cave under the broken bridge by the waterfall. It's commonly referred to as Scruffy's Cave.
  8. Who is Stuffy? I know Fluffy and Scruffy but haven't heard of Stuffy? Where is he found?
  9. I'm not exactly clear on precisely what has changed with the wolves but they now are definitely something to be feared rather than the annoying, easily dispatched, animal from before the update. Before, I could easily kill a wolf with a bow, pretty much every time with a one-arrow kill to the head when it charged. Using a gun was a little trickier due to the angle at which the wolf charged but still a pretty easy kill. Now, especially when not skilled up, I can't seem to shoot a charging wolf to (literally) save my life with a gun, and I've yet to one-arrow kill a wolf. I'll get a hit but will still end with a knife fight (albeit a shorter fight). 100% of my experiences with a charging wolf since the FC update has ended in a fight, and I seem to be taking more damage I think. One wolf attack (on Stalker) now takes half my health, a second will pretty much finished me off. The smell mechanic, although apparently was there before the update, now seems more pronounced, and it's not uncommon to harvest a deer fully only to encounter a pack of wolves walking back to a base. I was followed by a pack of four across the ice in Desolation point last week and my heart was beating rather quickly. Carrying fresh meat is now a major risk/reward decision. I play on Stalker difficulty and the above changes have gone to make my TLD experience much tougher and scarier. I'm now far less complacent when i see a wolf, and i find myself immediately crouching and hoping that I'm not spotted. I now walk in fear as I traverse the landscape and I cannot express just how much better the game has become because of this. So a big thank you to the devs. I do have one suggestion to make wolves even better. The wolves never attack me if I keep them in my sights and walk backwards. I like this mechanic to a point because it's what I would do (and have done) when facing a dog that's growling at me but I'd prefer there to be a random time limit imposed on this before the wolf becomes emboldened and goes on the attack. Walking backwards for ages, knowing I'm completely safe from attack is one of the only things about TLD pulls me out of the immersive experience and makes me feel I'm playing a game. I could use that window of time when a wolf is stalking me to quickly decide how to tackle them, either by getting a weapon ready or maybe dropping some heavy gear and risk running for safety. Knowing they are going to attack not knowing when would raise the tension of the encounter massively.
  10. Yep, I got that XBox update automatically installed last week.
  11. This is the second time this bug has happened since the FC update. Here's a video of it happening. It shows me in PV (Stalker) drawing a map, getting cold and seeking shelter in nearest cave to warm up. I go to light a fire - the light fire symbol is available in the radial menu - I miss-click, open up the radial menu again and the 'light fire symbol' is faded out. I try a few times to light a fire then check my inventory to see if I have wood/tinder/ matches. I have all three. I then try to warm up by using my bed roll but even though the 'bedroll' symbol is available I can't get it to appear on the ground. I leave the cave, then check that I actually have the bedroll in my inventory (I do), try again to see if it will place down but it doesn't. I tried crouching (you'll hear several 'thunk' sounds of me attempting this) but that doesn't work. Video ends but I then decided to run back to the nearest house to seek warmth but the 'run' didn't work. I then got attacked by a wolf, almost died from that, but managed to walk to nearby house in time to warm up & heal. I quit out of the game, reload my save and everything works ok again. This bug could easily have ended my game. I had another similar bug a few days ago. Again in PV, I lit a fire and put a bedroll down in the barn at Three Strikes Farmstead, went find a log to chop , I found one, crouched when I saw a wolf, chopped the log then found I couldn't stand up. I crouch-walked my way back to the bedroll, slept for 1 hour, and awoke to find I could stand again.
  12. Hi I keep getting pop-ups saying,"Attempt to Save game FAILED. Check that sufficient storage is available". I've got over 100gb spare storage. I've only started having this issue since the Faithful Cartographer update came out, twice before the ver.426 patch, and although the 'Confirm' button now works allowing me to close the pop-up the game it still isn't being saved. Quitting right out of the game to the XBox dashboard and reloading seems to sort this out and I can continue to play. Just a thought but I wonder if it's got anything to do with me leaving the XBOX in sleep mode with TLD still loaded so I can instantly carry on the next time I switch the XBOX on. I don't know. Anyway, like I said, I've only had the issue since the FC update. I've made a video of issue:
  13. The XBOX UPDATE is available. It didn't appear in the Updates section on the XBOX nor did it automatically download like it does with other patches but when I trid to play the game THAT's when it told me there was an update. So try just starting the game.
  14. Karzee


    Oh dear, this countdown business has certainly caused a lot of hurt and disappointment out there. I'll admit to feeling a growing excitement to today's announcement this week... I wasn't expecting story mode or even a sandbox update (although I secretly hoped) but I was expecting something... even if it was a patch for the bugs we've been reporting over the months. I won't watch the trailer as i don't want any spoilers for the story mode. Still, saddened as I feel to see the TLD community breaking up so angrily today I'm sure it'll all blow over by the time the next update drops. It's just......a shame, y'know?