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I wanted to add a note of thanks to the designers of the game and the forum. As a retired individual I find that this forum and this game gives me an outlet in an increasingly frustrating real world; a way to interact with people socially and a way to escape the cares of the modern world with all of its politics.

I like the exploration aspects of this game but I also really love the aesthetic aspects such as fires, scenery, wild life. For me, it's not just about another game, its also about the experience. I do really enjoy solving the challenge aspects of the game but even more, I like the social aspects of this forum.

Thanks to Raphael and the developers and the support people and volunteers! Thanks also to the community who have made this game a really cooperative venture, not only here on the forum, but also on YouTube where we interact on our favourite YouTube gamer's videos.

A very special thanks to @GELtaz, @Hadrian, GrayStillPlays, LMG, Generikb, @GamerNate, @stacyplays, @DacianMH (Dacian Hantig), @Jytton Lames, @Willowest, @accurize2 and many others too numerous to list who not only produce wonderful TLD videos, but who also answer questions and provide play feedback to our gamers. We are also involved with the survival of our favourite gamers as a community! It's what makes The Long Dark a wonderful thing; more than just a game; it's a community! Please add other YouTube gamers who you think deserve a shout out.

Thanks! Merci mes amies!

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A  quick shout out for @Hadrian for putting together an entire series of tutorials for the beginners. He tends to keep spoilers to a minimum but covers the basics so I can highly recommend his series for those just new to the game.

See also

  1. Against All Odds | The Long Dark [Season 1] — Complete Series
  2. Hadrian The Long Dark Playlists and
  3. Survival School | The Long Dark Tutorial & How-To | Resolute Outfitter — Complete Series

For those wanting to up their game and take on the hardest aspects of the game, I can recommend @GELtaz! Very entertaining and you will learn from one of the best experts at this game.

  1. GELtaz The Long Dark Playlists
  2. The Long Dark Help and Gameplay
  3. The Long Dark Interloper Let's Plays

And for the dozens of other folks who are making YouTube videos, you can always check out the list here on Hinterland to browse all the players:

Home > GENERAL INFO & DISCUSSIONS > Gameplay Videos & Streams > YouTube

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This has got to be one of the best, if not the best, kinds of messages to log in and find. Thank you very much for the shout-outs and the profoundly kind words. Also, thank you for taking the time to write such a positive message for no other purpose than simply to be positive.

You are a rare breed on today's internet, my friend, just as this community is a rare type of community. May you inspire others by your example.


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