Ice Hole

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Falling from a cliff into an inescapable hole. 

The game saves when an injury occurs and the fall resulted in sprained ankle and wrist.  Managed to step up a little of the rock that is on the right side of picture but to no avail still stuck.  Crouch and run tactics did not work.

This of course is frustrating because this does not look like an inescapable prison.  So the save is ruined and lucky for me this Voyageur was on his first week and already been to the summit (no rifle either and been to four usual spots).  So the process is for the dev team to respond to this sort of bug is by editing the landscape. I would much prefer a clamber mechanic added.

My suggestion is not like an arcade button mash clamber mechanic but instead allow placing a clamber icon in the manner of placing the bedroll or campfire.  Once the Clamber Icon is green the player is animated similar to rope climbing. Time, calories and stamina are affected.  Similar to rope climbing clamber up is more costly than clamber down.  The cost to calories and stamina are increased while injured.

Campfires and bedrolls are allowed in certain areas and others restricted so clamber follows similar rules.  The paths that the dev team created for the players could be maintained.  Creative players will still find off limit areas and these should be reported as bugs.

Having clamber offers a better choice then the fate this character will suffer.  Placing an icon for clamber as depicted by the venison would trigger an animated response and the character would escape the trap.


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