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First, thank you hunterland for this really good game. Knowing that it's still just an alpha and looking at the game right now... I really find it hard to believe that's we's not playing a fill game as it's really stable, got a lot of content... I'm really excited to see the story mode but at the same time, we really have something for waiting in between ;). And looking at how the game was at start in steam and now... It's astonishing.

Now back at the topic at hand. What i really like about this game is it's immersion. Walking in a beautiful setting, making you "house" look like someone living in it (disposing all sort of item around, no just putting everything in a container, that's just sad) and some time, in between survival challenge, i surprise myself just getting out of bed and going in front of my "house" of the moment, without even putting my coat, and just looking at the weather and around. Just feeling that... I made it an other day and letting that sink in... And then i go bake to work. It's what i think is one of the greatest asset of this game... its atmosphere.

So for that matter i found that some little thing would really enforce that feeling, even though it's still really minor thing; but i think that it would make the game still better in that aspect.

Walking speed
I always found that the "walking" speed was high in interior, more especially in small space, and a walking key toggle would be appreciate. Halving for example the speed and maybe reducing a little calories consumption. For that matter, using a controller is the only way of achieving that (but i really don't like controller for first person games) and trying it i also found that foot prints don't sync with your speed for that matter.

Moving stuff
One of the coolest thing i discovered in this game was that you can put an item on the floor and right clicking on it to put it elsewhere like on a desk or on a sofa. I really extensively make use of that and try as much as possible to not just put stuff away in a container but putting it in display somewhere for the sake of realism and immersion. And for that, there's 2 little thing that i would love to see implemented. The first thing would be to be able to rotate and elevate and item when placing it (kike making a pile of wood near the cocking pot, or placing a rifle on a wall rack and the likes). The second one, that could be a bit complicated but nonetheless really immersive, would be to be able to directly equip clothing item with space like a torch or firearm when looking at it. It would be even better to be able to directly drop it on a counter instead of on the floor and moving it after that, but that maybe asking too much (tracking the last position of any item for that is probably not worth the resources needed). Maybe when you "drop" something you put it where you're aiming instead of on the floor if applicable or being able to directly go in placement mode instead of dropping it with a special function?

Cooking and the likes
One thing i find really frustrating is the loss of time induce with cooking and boiling water. When i'm cooking a steak i tend to not staying there and staring at it for 10 minutes. Sure, you have to reverse it at half time and all, and not paying enough attention would make it burn, but i would really be glad to be able to put a steak on the stove, sipping some water, reversing it, taking some equipment and taking my steak to eat it on the road. It's even more obvious with boiling water as you could to a lot of thing when you boil 5 liter of water (and the same with eating or drinking for that matter). Even if you could still look at you cooking for the sake of passing time more quickly, you would like to have the choice. Maybe eating while walking make you eat more slowly, but nonetheless, i would like to be able to speed as little time as needed in any interface (that's really the sum of it, in fact).

Well, i hope that i'm not alone thinking of that and would love to here about the rest of the community in regard of that.

Again, thanks for this beautiful and immersive game. It's really enjoying every time i spend time on it !

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My thoughts

love hunterland so much, especially their name.

On console, your maximum walking speed changes when you enter a building and it does make it a lot nicer to change speed. A controller suits this game beautifully.

Moving objects in the game makes places look nice but the ability to stack objects such as sticks is definitely needed. I would just love to store my cans in a delicate pyramid you see in shops.

It would be nice to do other stuff while cooking stuff but you it should vary on the heat source. If it's a stove you should be able to do other things but if it's a campfire it shouldn't.

How do you cook things without a pan?

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18 minutes ago, togg said:

Check the timeline, they are planning to do a lot of the things you are suggesting :)

You... You mean that... they were so thrilled about my suggestion that they send it  through time to add it? Good lord, that's some dedication ! xD


Yeah my bad, i didn't looked that far in the roadmap, shame on me. So now i know about the cooking aspect, but for the rest it's... well... really subjected to interpretation for some and not really said for the others. Yeay ! Less shame for me !

Even though the UI is good, i fell like the less you would have a menu (inventory of clothing for exemple) that "cut" you from the game progresse, the better. I'm really waiting for the cooking ingame. Thinking about putting my hot coffee cup on the stove when i'm preparing to have it still warm after some times when i'm ready to leave the house...

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I wonder how they will implement cooking. If it is a fire-and-forget system (throw a stack of meat in the fire and when its done, its done), then it might be too easy. If there is some penalty for leaving meat too long in the fire, then I might have a serious disadvantage because my timing is bad :)

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