Crocodile leather shoes


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Peter and Mike, who is a hunter, are both good friends.

One day Mike is wearing brand new crocodile leather shoes.

Peter likes them a lot and asks Mike to explane how he got them.

"It's easy", says Mike. " You'll just have to go to Africa, find a crocodile, shoot it; and then

you'll have your shoes!" Peter likes that plan, so he gets a rifle and travels to Africa to hunt himself a crocodile and some shoes.

A month later the two friends meet again. Peter looks very sad. "What's wrong", Mike asks.

Peter explanes: " I did exactly what you said. I went to Africa and I searched for a long time to find a crocodile. He tried to escape but I hunted him through the river. Finally I had him cornered, but he fought like a lion. I shot him five times, but then he attacked me. I had to kill him with my knife."

"But that's great, is it not?" Mike replied. "You killed the crocodile and you've survived. So, why are you sad?"

Peter lifts his head and looks at his friend. "He wasn't wearing any shoes"

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A blonde is walking through town, past her favourite shoe store, when she notices a pair of crocodile leather shoes in the display. She goes into the shop and asks the propertier how much they cost. The propertier tells her the price, but the blonde says "no, sorry, that's too pricey for me, I'll get my own" and she leaves. The propertier shrugs and sighes to himself "eh, blondes. but what can you do?".

The day goes by, and the propertier closes up shop, and gets in his car to drive home.

On the way home, he has to drive through a large swamp. Whilst driving through the swamp, he sees the blonde standing in the middle of the swamp. Gobsmacked, he stops his car and gets out. As he does so, a crocodile surfaces behind the blonde and begins swimming towards her, its jaws wide open.


The blonde turns around and, to the propertier's amazement, kills it with a single punch.

The astounded man walks to the shore and the blonde swims over, dragging the carcass behind her.

As she gets out and heaves the dead reptile ashore, the propertier notices a dozen other dead crocodiles, lined up on their backs by the shore.

The blonde tugs the dead crocodile over to the rest and flips it over.

"Damn" she exclaims "this one isn't wearing any shoes either".

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