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I personally like playing the game as an explorer/survivalist trying to move the map in one day hopefully finding the exit.  That is sort of the play style I go and do.

I would like some sort of tarp to be added to build of of, maybe for a waterproof tent or other things seals and patches.  Maybe harvest backpacks* to make a waterproof tarp.  or a camping tent but takes a lot of space.  decision to use or not.

More backpacks, maybe for personalization.

Rope, like rappelling rope, make it or find it.

An ice pick would be a fun item to find and use.

Some unique survival skills or bushcraft, i don't want to be a primitive farmer throughout the game harvesting constantly.

A climbing sequence in the game to get to places, i don't know if that would work.

A flashlight or headlamp with limited battery power would definitely add to the mood of survival.  stuff i would use if caught in that situation.

A rifle scope or binoculars for long range scouting.  I want to see further in front of me.

Some different paths you might take in survival decision-making, maybe a skill set that combines your gameplay strategy.

Other survivors NPC's you may have to face off against?!?

A cheap weapon to deal with wolves, like a spear.

More ambient change items or skills, because it is like when you get the gun, the whole game feels different.  food is less of a hassle and so on.  but for different items or skills or other things.

I think somethings are implied in the game and I like that, but is it you against hunger or you against nature and the preference i choose to deal with it.

Those are some thoughts and game is great.


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Hi @Alpha_Survivor !!!

Welcome to TLD forum !!! ^_^

10 hours ago, Alpha_Survivor said:

A flashlight or headlamp with limited battery power would definitely add to the mood of survival.

It's been suggested before !!
but all electric devices are not working in TLD because of the disaster that Happened in the game (will be explained in story mood. )


11 hours ago, Alpha_Survivor said:

A cheap weapon to deal with wolves, like a spear.

It was one of the favorite suggestion recently !!! 
+1 from me !!! 


You can check road map if you want !! 

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1. Tarp could be useful for making something like snow shelter, that is right now completely disbalanced.

2. Yes,pls.

3. Already have it.

4. Fun for what ? What would it do ? And are you referring to ice pick or ice axe ? Unless we get martini in game i dont really see much use for it. Ice tea ?!?

5. More skills = better. Plus living off the land is long overdue. Scavenging is nice and everything, but inability to craft stuff from what we can find in the wilderness feels extremely pedestrian.

6. Already have it.

7. All things electrical are dead.

8. Neither is on a roadmap as of now. Supposedly there are some engine limitations that prevent it, maybe later.

10. NPCs are on the roadmap. Whether they will appear in sandbox mode is another question.

11. Yes.

12. Erm, what ? Also, rifle has limited ammo. Its not a final solution to a wolf problem.

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What about all those stones that litter the path? They seem to have no purpose; I'd sure fling them at the wolves. Didn't we have a poll on weapons choices? or perhaps a consensus that our character is pretty defenseless. Wolf struggles seem a bit onesided in favor of the player while bear struggles and confrontations seem to be quite bad. More randomness in animal response is a good plan to add variability to the game. It's called the game of risk/reward. Cody would say go for the food that has no legs and can't run away.

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