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So, as I hide behind a wall of sandbags, since we have approximately enough tinder to start a new sun as a combined playerbase, please hear me out. Don't mind the barbed wire.

Right now, we get tinder from a lot of sources, but let's face it, the main source remains newspapers. Now, I get the idea - everyone has those, they're accessible and anyone who got hold of a lighter at the age of ten knows they burn. However, there's bound to be other sources. Those which I am about to propose are no better or worse than the ones present in the game, they'd just add to diversity. I understand that if the devs would consider this, this'd probably the bottom-end of their to-do list. Still, I wanna get this out there so we can discuss ^_^

  • Letters: There's letterboxes on CH which are suspiciously empty. Maybe we could burn someone's electricity bills?
  • Cigarettes: Our characters may be non-smokers, but a lit cigarette is better tinder than no tinder.
  • Wooden skewers: Should be found in kitchens, they can be lit with a match and are, just like cigarettes, merely better than no tinder.
  • Cloth+lamp oil: If it can ignite an incendiary weapon used to destroy soviet tanks, it can ignite a campfire.
  • Paper towels. Most people who flee and/or loot a place will probably leave those where they are.
  • Animal hair: We're obviously not taking the complete fur, so some animal hair could be taken. Smells bad, but after a week or so without a shower, so do we.
  • Sponges+lamp oil: That's almost a fire on itself!
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Personally I'm all in for diversity in resources, but basically every time these ideas were brought up even if they were highly supported they were in the end shut down by the "too much work for too little gain" complaint. Though most alternatives would just end up being a model change and only some would require rebalancing or added mechanics it might take a lot of work to distribute the proper variants into all their logical places(letters into letter boxes and paper money into cash registers) all over the maps and making sure to take away other sources in return since tinder is already the most(?) common resource in the game.

As I said I'm "all in", "+1 from me" and "WE WANT VARIETY", but complaints were brought up before.

But HEY! Who knows, maybe there's actually a properly implemented "loot list" in the engine and we only need to wait for the artist team to get some free time for modeling. :big_smile:

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While more is usually better, there is a question of effectiveness. Considering that tinder is anything but rare right now, adding all those items and options wont really add anything to quality of the game, essentially being a dead weight. Unless tinder value is increased in some way it would be fairly pointless.

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I personally would prefer idea of expanding usage scope of tinder, like idea of adding extra tinder when starting fire, to increase success chances, as it was proposed by unknown forumer(combined with medium-dependent firestarting chance, eg on ice it should be considerably harder than on stone, with stove having highest bonus). 8)

And as long as we dont have that crap as it was with lvl3 of firestarting, that rendered tinder completely obsolete after that point, it should be balanced in terms of both item importance and usage difficulty.

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