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On 10/18/2016 at 7:14 PM, Patrick Carlson said:

Feats progress should be persistent across your player profile--so all your different game saves. 

@Jolan Are you seeing other Feats progress at all? (Fire Master ect.)

Sort of.  I've started more than 500 fires with my current profiles but I'm registered at 22%, I've walked around 500 miles (cue music :) ) but am registered at 46%.  They've both gone up a couple of percentage points recently, which is why I was wondering if old profiles didn't count.  I've got 541 days on the clock for the profiles I've kept.  Would you like screen shots?  I did get the Free Runner badge, but until there was a badge I never ran, well ok, I ran when being chased by wolves and if I heard an icecream truck.

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