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Greetings y'all!

Just wanted to toss y'all a few things I really enjoy after playing the newest update for a while:

  • The new voice lines, at least I think they're new. Amazing voicework, as always!
  • The first-person animations on light sources. It just feels better :)
  • This may be less technical and more personal, but I think the game has become really 'rich' if you may, I thought I had a lot of memorable moments in my playthroughs already, but the last days and weeks really blew the lid off of that. Nice work!
  • Beachcombing - it's a bit like those magical beans in every flavor in the Harry Potter universe and always a fun experience to grab some freebies and battle cabin fever ^_^
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I've also noticed some new voice line I think! Great if true, I was looking forward to it.

Now I only miss some context base mechanic about them saying that they're "looking for shelter" even when they stand beside the bed.

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