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HaHa Hyena

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A long my travels I have found many types of canned goodies. From beans to peaches food?

But no dogs in site (except their fierce brethren, the wolves)

So an option to find dogs from abandoned pups, to feral juveniles to weak and friendly elderly would be nice. Now on your travels you have a mouth to feed. Unless ofcourse the dog you've found is already trained to hunt and survive on its own.

Being able to form a pack would be nice. Having to be able to feed them, Protect them from the harsh winters, Predators, and starvation would be a bonus. Keep those puppies alive along with yourself and you may make some new friends. But if you can't take care of it or mistreat it, the possibility of it running away, attacking back, or just not listening to commands anymore would be an option.

Now how will this benefit the player? Not only should you be going a little hysterical with the lack of any social attention...Its a snowy terrain, so let's add sledding. Either building your own sled from materials around you, which could take a while and some reading or being able to find a sled and harnesses in an abandoned house. The more dogs you have that aren't wounded, old, or untrained..the faster the sled. But there needs to be some type of hunger/tired/cold meters like we have. No God Mode puppers. 

A faster way to travel and a traveling storage  would be a great option. And with the ocassional wolf/bear chase I could see some fun happening.

Now let's add some obedience books and books on hunting, gathering, attacking and protecting on those cold and dark nights out in the wilderness.

I would be very surprised if this hasn't been thought of yet but I would really love to see this in an update in the future.

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Lol it is quite a tall order and I don't expect to see this for quite a long time. Probably in the far future when the game is more developed but I'm happy to take any updates they decide to give to us. I'd love to here any other inputs, opinions, and ideas about the dog/sled/training subjects!

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1/ "Being able to form a pack would be nice." Yes of course

2/ About sleding : I would be a huge improvment for dogs pack. But it seems very diffcult to create no ? I know Hinterland want create canoes, horses travels. So if they can, I could be so great.

3/ "A faster way to travel and a traveling storage  would be a great option."

I think this is a too much huge travel system for the moment that we have "only" 5 maps (imagine the speed of it. About 5 real minutes to cross a map?). But with a larger world, why not.


@Wastelander, I don't know if @HaHa Hyena want that I integrate her ideas to my topic lol. HaHa Hyena ?


PS : Wastelander, how do you mention someone pseudo with @?

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Sorry for my late responses! I've been super busy this past week but this discussion is something I enjoy discussing. I will definitely look around the forums so I can add my input on the Dog based suggestions! I'm so glad that there are so many common suggestions and ideas to where we can all connect them to piece something big together.  

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