No debuff when not wearing shoes


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Sorry if i'm repeating this, I had a quick look but couldn't find anything. Maybe I missed it.

Don't ask me how I found this out.

Not only was there no wear on my poor socks, there was also no debuff for not wearing shoes. I walked from the Signal Tower in PV to the cabin in ML, nothing.

I'm not sure several hours of walking in the 0c would give you frost bite, but you would be in some pain at least. So rather a status ailment maybe just a small reduction in condition?

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This here screenshot of the new clothing UI they are working on offers some hope, I believe. Notice there appears to be separate warmth-level indicators for each 'section' of the character's body. Frostbite is also a feature that the devs have said they are thinking about / working on.

You're right, it does feel off that you can run around without shoes (or trousers) without suffering any negative consequences, as long as the rest of your clothes add up to enough warmth bonus in themselves. But I'd hope it's a case of that aspect not having been finished yet, rather than that it won't be addressed at all ever.

(link to the full thread where I got it from is below, if you haven't seen it already)


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That's a great graphic being shown.

I've always thought it would be interesting to let you wear totally worn out clothing, but institute a 'bare skin debuff' if you don't have something covered.  The idea being that the jeans or shoes you are wearing don't give you any sort of warmth bonus BUT they still give some protection from the elements, which is why freezing is 'neutral' because really if you are out naked it can be a pretty mild fall or spring day and you'd be hypothermic.

One thing I hope for in a new clothing system is the ability to 'layer' to a degree.  I think you should be able to wear 2 pair of socks and 2 sweatshirts.  You can't wear 2 boots of course, 2 pants is restrictive, 2 jackets doesn't work unless one is really light and/or the other is oversized.   At bare minimum a sweatshirt should be able to count as inner torso OR outer torso, so you could wear 2 until you found a jacket and equipping that would unequip the least-warm sweatshirt.  But still, being able to have 2 shirts on at once, that just feels to me like what you'd do if it was darn cold out.  Anyone from the northern states and most of Canada I am sure can tell you it's pretty common to have a pull-over or zip-up hooded sweatshirt on as a middle layer, even when when wearing a flannel or normal sweatshirt, before the jacket goes on if you are going to be out in the very cold for a while.

I'd also like to see the 'hood' option for headgear, in conjunction with knit cap.  It could be a hood on a hooded sweatshirt like mentioned above which would add very little OR it could be a nice hardy 'snorkel hood' like you'd find on the premium winter jacket.  





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