Pancakes: A brief Hinterland history + favourite recipes

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Guest emily_hinterland

We know you've all heard us talking incessantly about pancakes, and this great post (particularly point #4) made me realize that we never explained our flapjack obsession.

At our last team gathering, @Alan_Hinterland and I had each offered to make breakfast, both of us claiming that we made killer pancakes. He offered first, which I took to assume that no one would want pancakes the next day (*sniff*), but @Raph_Hinterland pointed out that there was no rule against eating pancakes for breakfast two mornings in a row.

This translated (somehow) into "pancakealypse" and pancakes become the unofficial meal of Hinterland.

Sorry it's not a more exciting story that involves us all flinging pancakes at each other in a food fight or getting attacked by a Giant Pancake that bleeds maple syrup, but the important thing is that Alan and I actually do both make killer pancakes. And we're all about teamwork, so we even helped each other make pancakes one morning:


Here's my favourite recipe: Blueberry corn hotcakes. These are the pancakes in the above photo. I will also say that after making these pancakes, Alan asked me to send him this recipe, and now I get to share it with my fellow Hinterlanders :)

Now it's your turn. Share your favourite pancake recipes!

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