Bone tools and leather face masks


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Would be cool to make bone tools.  Knives and arrowheads come to mind.

As for the leather facemask, I was just thinking about the Alaska native masks I see hanging around when I'm remote here in my home state.  Blocks the wind and the sun (small slits for eyes).

This one is pretty goofy as the ones I'm used to seeing are for function.  This seems to be something one would sell to a tourist but it gets my idea across.


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When I read the thread title I imagined Mad Max :D

As for bonecraft, flintknapping etc., basically any way to work around the forge, this is being discussed pretty frequently (and, sometimes, passionately, if you catch my drift.) here. I'm all for it - at least for very simple, likely to break tools. However, I'm fairly sure someone will mention that these are specialised skills and so on, yada yada yada - point here is simple tools, and I guess bones are a likely material for that.

As for the masks - I'm all for them! Protecting the face from the elements is pretty important, I think, and a handcrafted item for that would be cool (and much, much more easy to make than making a wolf coat from scratch)

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The only tools that are "worthwhile" to make from bone are leatherworking tools: awls, scrapers, needles and the like.

Bone knives and arrowheads require far to much effort to be feasible. I would know, I have made them, and they take hours to make without power tools. Meanwhile, hammering a spoon flat and cutting the edges with a hacksaw takes about 5 minutes, and they will be sharper, exactly the same weight, and more effective than bone or stone/glass.

As for leather face masks, why wouldn't you wind cloth around your face instead?

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Shielding your face from the cold, biting wind during a blizzard is a major concern that is not formally address in TDL.  However, based upon what I have observed in the Story Mode Progress posted last week, I think the developers are focusing on this aspect and are going implement changes to the clothing system that would satisfy this situation.



Work in Progress Clothing UI

If you look up in the right hand corner you can see on two clothing slots that cover the face: one is for goggles, the other is for a scarf.  This implies that when the clothing system is overhauled in an upcoming update, we are practically guaranteed to be able to cover our face, protecting it from being chilled and contracting frostbite, which is a game mechanic that the developers hope to install into the game in a later update.  This frostbite affliction also seems to be further supported by the individual temperature bars for each clothing group shown in the previous photo.

Also, even though a constructing a leather mask would be a welcomed feature (especially if it uses up few rabbit skins that I have stacked in a mound on the living room floor of the Farm House in PV 9_9), but I would be just as happy to be able to scavenge a Balaclava/Ski-Mask, as it would fulfill a similar role.

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