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Hmm, rather shitty list to be honest.

Long Dark, sure, superb game, no doubt about it.

ARC is absolute garbage, generic buggy poorly balanced survival/building game with dinosaurs being its only notable feature.

Escape from Tarkov seems to be more of a "shooter with elements" that survival, hard to tell at this point. Altho it do look promising.

No Mans Sky.... erm, id vote it for the most boring game of the 2016. Cross of Destiny and Minecraft, not really good one. Just fly from planet to planet, all looking the same after about 10-15 planets, do all the same things again and again and again with no particular purpose or reason. Collect resources to upgrade inventory size so that you can collect more resources to be able to upgrade inventory size so that you could collect more resources to be able to upgrade inventory size... And thats about it.

Flame in the Flood. No, just... no. I tried, i really did, but game is made as hostile to player as possible, and not just environmental hazards or animals. Those are actually less than half of the problem(altho its rng tends to be completely ridiculous on occasion making survival literally impossible), they kinda supposed to be there. But design of the game is simply horrible, starting with controls(that cannot even be rebinded) and ending with fov and view angles, where you try accurately to fit your raft exactly between rocks just so that piece of shit suddenly shift(without any reason) that view angle resulting you slamming right into those rocks. Or vegetation blocking half of the aerial view and everything inside of them, resulting in same crashes into rocks on raft or running into wolves because you cant fking see them and you cant rotate came either. And those are just 2 of this game many problems.

Dont Starve is fun solid simple fairly fun survival game, kudos to them.

Death Road to Canada is really nice, altho single-minded. 2 bad its 2 short even in longest mode. Id recommend "March of the Living" alongside this one.

*adds last two games to his "to play" list, never heard of them*

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