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  1. I'm not good with the computers lol so don't know how to post links and stuffs but The Long Dark was just featured on the number one spot in Gameranx Top ten survival games of 2016 WOOTZ
  2. Yea I forgot they were gunna add a bow drill that makes more sense lol. Like most people said i just hope its not a button mash or a race to hit random buttons as fast as possible.
  3. I might be the only person on earth who did this but the controls for the yoga in GTA V were pretty nice as far as QTE'S go maybe it was just me. But yea im not a fan of mashing or wiggling....here's hoping they pull some more magic out of their hats lol.
  4. So I was thinkin about this it was (for some reason) the main thing that held my attention. First off lemme just say I'm all for it, but I'm not a big fan of QTE's personally and it would kinda a slight turn off for me (I'd live lol). I was hoping it would be more of a thing you learn in a book and have to master on your own. Maybe the amount you pull the trigger (on a remote) determines the strength of the breath. Like hold it half way down for X amount of time for the most effective "blowing" I'm not sure I'm not much of an outdoorsman so I dunno if it's really a big deal but it's the little
  5. I can't even play because every time I leave the game it deletes my file I had made 3 or 4 yesterday amd everyone I went back they were just gone. I tried one more time exited and reloaded the game and the save was there I figures I was good. I played for about 5 hours and now this morning it's gone. This is a serious game breaking glitch. All I've wanted to do all week was play but what's the point when you have to start over every time. Please help us lol
  6. I saw someone on steam say to have arrow heads craft able at both tables and forges. He said to have the forge arrow heads stronger and have more bleeding power. And the table arrow heads be more rudimentary and maybe a slower bleed out. Or maybe have forging arrow heads makes multiple heads, and only one when at a table
  7. It says KG on one of the crosses in front of the Trappers Homestead
  8. Gggyhaaa I can't wait anymore! I need this update in my life lol all I've been wanting to play is TLD but I feel like I can't until the update comes out cuz I wanna play with all the new things. Keep up all the excellent work this is the most addicted I've been to a game since Skyrim...
  9. I agree. I wouldn't mind having npcs but the ability to be alone in the dark is nice +1
  10. Hello first time post but I've been playing TLD since it came out on Xbox Preview and it's my addiction . Anyway here goes Moose! There should be moose and they should get hostile if they feel threatened I don't have much experience with moose but I think they're up in Canada Plane crash Scene. I'm sure this is gonna be in there cuz it's the story and the cockpit research video but a scene for the plane crash before the game starts and possibly sustaining an injury before the game starts just to give that extra panic. Lastly wildlife. Foxes.... Snow foxes either one would be nice maybe mak