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Bill Tarling

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Aside from adding "comments" to some articles, and Facebook postings

[e.g. see the Nov 12 post of this thread], I've started watching for other forums where TLD is being discussed.

If you get a chance, join in and add a post to those forums as well... we're so close to the next stretch goal (only $3,241 to the phase one internationalization goal as of this post) -- adding a post in the other forums might be just enough to help get newcomers to join in backing TLD (as well as spreading the word about our Hinterlander Family at the same time).

I've found a number of early forums talking about TLD, but here are a couple of fresh ones just discovering the game:


Overclockers UK

Add other forum links about TLD to this thread -- hopefully if a few of us add some posts and thoughts on them, we be well on our way to even reaching the 4th stretch goal (and more).

Note: you can also Google or Bing searches such as open world survival game forum (and other variations) to see if there are other forums looking for gameplay like TLD. An example I found: NeoSeeker

ADDENDUM: You can also do a search [example] for forum the long dark survival -- I'm bookmarking a lot of the forum threads, but mainly wanted to include mostly those with new posts or discussions here since they'll often be the first TLD introduction to people just finding out about the game.

I figure it's our task as Hinterlanders to help spread the word about TLD so that the

H-Team can spend most of their efforts towards bringing the game to life for us

Add More Forum Links In Here :o)

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