Text Runs Off-Screen


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Hello, Hinterland.

As the below screenshot will show, the text of that document runs off the screen. I've also noticed that I experience the same problem when I want to refuel my storm lanterns.

In case it matters, I am playing the game on the 'high' graphics setting with 800 x 600 resolution. I hope this helps with solving the problem.



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@Ryal  I'd almost be willing to bet that the issue is caused by your monitor wanting a higher ratio. Those screenshots look to me to be to "close up". like your character is near sighted or something and has to being everything right up to his face to see it. (I'm sorry if that offended anyone, its not intended to be insulting, just an observation)  Try changing your ratio to the next one up, or a couple degrees up, up meaning higher.  Ive experienced this many times in other games when the game defaulted to a ratio that didnt suit my monitor.

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