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  1. Greetings, Hinterland! I arrived to Signal Tower as night was approaching during a recent session. While I was inspecting some items on the metal shelf in the bunk bed room, the level of light instantaneously changed from very dark to very bright. I noticed that the change happened the very instant I decided against taking one of the items on the bottom row of the shelf next to the toaster. In case it matters, I think it was either a can opener or a jar of peanut butter. The included screenshot will show you what I mean. I was able to walk around and freely look at all the items that were shrouded in darkness just moments ago, but I instead wanted to go outside just in case the sun really was up at the beginning of nighttime! It was a normal level of dark outside, and reentering the building returned the interior to the illumination it should have been at night. Sorry to spring this on you- as if you guys don't already have enough pressure to deal with! Let me know if you need more specific information, and I will try to be as helpful as I can.
  2. Good afternoon, Hinterland! In the vicinity of Deer Clearing close to where that area's bear can usually be seen walking about, I've come across a rock formation that is completely clear and can even be walked through. The below screenshot illustrates what I am referring to.
  3. Good evening, Hinterland. In my latest session currently taking place in Coastal Highway, I used a flare to scare off a wolf. Further down the path, I encountered the same wolf and decided to use my flare gun instead when it started snarling. I pressed the '2' button, which made me drop the flare and equip the flare gun like normal. I fired, and the wolf ran off. I picked up the flare that I dropped. Even further down the path, the same wolf confronted me one more time. After an unsuccessful brandish of the same flare, the wolf charged and pounced, but I was able to fend it off with my knife. Upon standing, I discovered that I was unable to pick up my flare from the ground. I couldn't equip a light source or weapon using the shortcut keys, radial menu or inventory screen. I could not start a fire in the same ways. And I could not enter a nearby trailer by clicking its door. Reloading my save file from the moment directly after the Struggle seemed to solve the problem from my perspective, but I am mystified as to how it happened in the first place. Perhaps I right clicked the mouse to brandish my flare again at the very same instant that the wolf pounced and initiated the struggle, which caused some kind of system conflict? Please let me know if you need more information, and I will try to be as helpful as I can.
  4. Greetings, Hinterland! During a recent session, I was walking from Coastal Highway to Mystery Lake. I had just finished crossing the train trestle when I heard crows but could not see them as I looked around until I peered down to the bottom of the canyon. I was pretty sure I saw a corpse, and there was an additional train car of a different color that I didn't remembering seeing before! I excitedly assumed that the presence of those objects indicated that there were things to do down there, now. So I carefully and cautiously made my way down from cliff to cliff. One wrong move sent me plummeting but did not kill me. I feel like it should have, though, because I lost 93% all at once. Perhaps the new clothing system prevented me from perishing? That's besides the point, but it may be something else to look into if you intend to keep explorers away from this area. Eventually I did manage to get to the bottom, but I was unable to leave the spot where I landed. There were plenty of logs for me to climb, but I could not walk on them normally. Nothing was in the way, but I was pushed off each time as if there were something physically blocking me. In a future update, could the terrain of the ravine's floor be altered so that anyone lucky enough to reach the ravine's bottom can more easily get around? (even if they won't get out again.) Alternatively, if players really are not supposed to be poking around down there, then a different implementation of character death might be in order, and preventing a corpse from spawning at the bottom of the canyon wouldn't be a bad idea, either. In any case, I have included a screenshot of my character looking straight up at the tree bridge near the waterfall at the ravine's floor. This save file is still active if you need me to take different screen shots.
  5. Hello, Hinterland. I have an amusing bug to report. I was attacked by a wolf while exploring at night. I clicked furiously as I tried to fend him off. I think all I had at the time were my bare hands (unless the heavy hammer is a bonus modifier to struggles), so I expected my game to end there, as I was playing on interloper difficulty. To my surprise, the wolf yelped and dashed away, but my character still lay on the ground and flailed her arms spastically about at a wolf that was no longer there. Also, the arms were now extended forward and visibly detached from my character's body as they flailed. In between bouts of laughter, I did remember to catch a screenshot of the action.
  6. I recently played the offered first release build to see just how far The Long Dark has come from its infancy. It brought back a lot of nostalgia as well as frustration. (I never realized how much I liked being able to continue walking while looking at my stats!) I walked up the hill to the Forestry Lookout and heard a sound that I hadn't heard in months- the old music clip that plays whenever a major landmark was discovered. I am aware that I might be in the minority, here, but I really liked that little sound bite. Is there a way that it could be incorporated back into the game in some way? Perhaps the old one could be the sound bite a player hears while exploring at night while the current one could be heard during the daylight hours?
  7. Hello, Hinterland. As the below screenshot will show, the text of that document runs off the screen. I've also noticed that I experience the same problem when I want to refuel my storm lanterns. In case it matters, I am playing the game on the 'high' graphics setting with 800 x 600 resolution. I hope this helps with solving the problem.
  8. In a secluded, desolate, and undeveloped region like the northern Canadian wilderness in which The Long Dark takes place, there is very little light pollution- especially since some kind of global geomagnetic disaster seems to have knocked out all of the electricity. Therefore, it is not far-fetched to assume that we would see a great number of shooting stars in the sky during the night, which I think would add a nice subtle touch of realism and beauty to the game. I think anywhere between four and ten random meteors of varying brightness, direction, and duration per in-game hour during the darkest night hours would be sufficient. This would encourage players to spend a little bit more time outdoors at night. For a night sky enthusiast like me, I think that would be awesome. Also, in real life we get meteor showers roughly once per month. Perhaps every thirty or so days in the game, the player could be rewarded with a wild display of meteors. Let me know what you all think. Thanks!
  9. Hello, Hinterland. In my travels, I've come across a major discrepancy in the way the world is presented to us. Well, it's major to me, anyway. I hope that I'm not spoiling something important about the disaster within story mode, but I've included the screenshot of my observation... Either the weather vane is wrong or the planet is spinning the wrong way (!) because the Sun sets in the southwest, not the southeast, during winter in the northern hemisphere. I haven't noticed any other weather vanes in the world, but I will keep an eye out now just in case this is just a case of the weather vane pointing the wrong way. Thank you!
  10. Hello, Hinterland. I am a few days into my first attempt at the Nomad Challenge and have encountered a slight hiccup. I wanted to go from Signal Hill down to the Barn, but I didn't have a mountaineer's rope. So, I took a rather sloped route off to the side that I hadn't noticed before because I wanted to get down there fast with only about 5 hours of sunlight left. As I walked down this slope, I noticed an opening that led me to believe it was the exposed ceiling of a cave. Delighted to have found a possible shortcut, I jumped right in but couldn't get out. I've included two screenshots. One is of my explorer's view looking out from the bottom. The other is of that reloaded game looking down from the top. I hope this helps resolve a problem. Thank you!
  11. In a game about exploring the great outdoors and finding what supplies and tools we can to survive, I am surprised that we do not have any trail mix in the game! It could be basic raisins, peanuts, and chocolate chips or it could be a fictional gourmet brand similar to Sahale Snacks with different mixes of fruits, nuts, and so forth. I'll leave the weight and calorie count up to you all, but how about some trail mix in the game??
  12. I run The Long Dark on a Windows 7 with 4 GB of RAM and a 2.7GHz processor. It is a 64-bit Operating System. As for the display settings, 1920 x 1080 is my monitor's native default resolution, and I use 32-bit color depth. I never change those settings. When I play The Long Dark, only six of the resolutions give me corner-to-corner fullscreen: 1280 x 720 1360 x 768 1366 x 768 1600 x 900 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1200 All of the other resolution choices show me those two vertical or horizontal black bars bordering the visuals unless I switch into 'window' mode first, change the resolution to whatever I wish to see in fullscreen, and finally return to fullscreen mode. And that, of course, results in the inaccurate button sensitivity. Apologies for the over-sharing. I just want to include as much information as possible. Thank you for your attention to this problem!
  13. My monitor resolution is set to 1920 x 1080. It never occurred to me to try altering that. Could changing my own monitor resolution result in a better visual experience?
  14. I play the game in fullscreen mode, and I've noticed that most resolutions do not provide a true fullscreen presentation. Many of them display black bars on the top & bottom in a similar fashion to widescreen movies. Other resolutions cause the black bars to appear in varying thicknesses and sometimes on the right & left, which makes the game feel clustered and constricted. I have noticed that certain resolutions result in a true corner-to-corner fullscreen display, but they are in the minority. As a result of all that, I do feel a bit frustrated having to balance my desired level of aesthetic detail against text legibility and gameplay fluidity. In my most recent session, I was tinkering around with the display settings and resolutions to try and squeak an extra frame or two per second into my experience. On a whim, I decided to try 'window' mode to see if it resulted in a better experience. I did not enjoy seeing my computer desktop encompassing the Canadian wilderness contained within a grey box, so I changed the resolution to 1280 x 600, and returned to fullscreen mode. As soon as a I clicked confirm, I noticed two things. Firstly, I was delighted to see that the game was being displayed in corner-to-corner fullscreen mode. Normally, 1280 x 600 does not provide me with a true fullscreen experience. I was able to successfully replicate this with all resolutions from 512 x 384 up to 1920 x 1200 by first confirming 'window' mode, changing the resolution, and then confirming 'fullscreen' mode. But secondly, every time I switched from windowed mode to fullscreen mode, the 'back' button refused to accept my click. I discovered by accident that moving the mouse far to the left of, or sometimes above, the button's location resulted in the game registering the mouse as hovering over the button and accepting the click. This held true for all menus and icons that require a mouse cursor to work- including equipment, fires, and harvesting. First person gameplay was unaffected by this. So, in brief: 1. Starting and playing the game in fullscreen mode is not truly fullscreen, depending on the resolution. 2. Switching from 'window' mode to 'fullscreen' grants corner-to-corner fullscreen visuals to a resolution that did not previously provide it. 3. A direct result of item 2 is the hindered functionality of all clickable icons and menu buttons that depend on a mouse cursor.
  15. During a recent session, I was exploring the cabins in the fishing camp one by one in search of goodies. For one of them, I missed the click and smacked my face right into the door. Or at least, that's what would have happened if I did not phase right through it like a ghost. I've included a screenshot showing me looking at the door through which I had just passed. Clicking the door even from within the cabin brought me harmlessly to the interior, and the game still played like normal. I have not tried passing through any other doors or walls, so I do not know if this is an isolated occurrence.