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Hi, dmnc here, I'm from small country in the middle of the Europe, country called Czech Republic. I love woods and stunning hilly panoramas. In our country we have nice and decent nature but no such huge places like in Canada. Some people here don't appreciate nature, they are lazy, evil and destroys things around. Several years I moved to the city where is no woods and everything is flat, from bigger city where I lived literally surrounded by forests. So I love escaping to this brand new digital wilderness from my real place where I'm not happy.

A love computers (it's also my job) and I like video games. Sometimes I'm little bit addicted than just casual player, I'm also oldschooler, 8bit and big-pixels lover so guess what, I used to play Minecraft for some time ...

Even when my English is not good, I wrote (hope) very nice "storytelling" Steam review of the TLD ... enjoy it here.

Good work guys, thank you for this game!

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