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Hello (sorry for my english I'm french).

With that i saw in the story mod trailer,, it could be there will be fight between character and non playable player. And, I was wondering one thing because I saw again the movie "The road" with the excellent Viggo Mortensen. There are  things that The Long Dark could inspire off.

In this apocalyptic world, people fight each other to find food especially. And there are "canibals". Is it in project in The Long Dark ?



Otherwise, I would send congratulations to developpers of this wonderful game. And continue in this way. Glad to listen good sountrack sometimes in the dark like "echoes".


Finally, I would tell you what I have already suggest to the Long Dark Team on their facebook page : 

-sleep without bedroll

-candels (items)

-felt pen (to writte on the walls etc, like drawing maps, message to remember, notes and stories...)

-drop the bag on the floor (like when we rare crouch near campfire, but still having the possibilty to allow choosing stuff directly as we have the bag on the back)

-an online cooperativ mod in the future ?


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Hello @Vinceofpyrenees! Nice to see you having so much fun with TLD! Like you, I find its inspiration (or correlation?) everywhere!

Cannibalism has been discussed on these forums before. While in real life, it is possible, for the purposes of the game, it's a no go. The game is Teen rated, and cannibalism would cause its rating to be changed to a more restrictive setting. TLD's developers want to keep the game available for as many players as possible, so certain moral quandaries will be off the books.

Being able to sleep without bedrolls have also been discussed - it's been suggested that there be a tradeoff if it is implemented - i.e. your condition wouldn't restore while sleeping out of bed. 

Candles are high on almost everyone's wish list, it seems. There have been many discussions about how to implement them using the existing resources in the game (bear and deer fat, pots on the stoves, thread or dried gut for wicks, etc.) Suggestions for alternative sources of light have included oil lamps (using rendered bear fat, for example) and torch sconces. 

As for the remaining three suggestions on your list, here are my thoughts:

Felt pens: As a rule, pens don't do well in cold weather. The ink turns thick or dries out faster, it seems. You would have to keep the pen against your skin under your winter clothing to keep it functional. And felt pens really hate cold temperatures - in my experience the tips fragment faster. I would feel that pencils, charcoal sticks or chalks would work better. That said, it would be cool, if I was holed up in the PV Farmstead during one of those PV blizzards that make time stretch so much longer, if I could make ink and quill pens and write on birch bark. Hey, another use for birch bark! Hmmm, tinder, tea for parasite treatments, and writing material for journaling!

I like the idea of dropping the bag on the floor. Along with that I would love to have the functionality of being able to move containers around. I would imagine that if this were ever implemented, I'd finally be able to tidy up all those backpacks laying around and make the environment a little bit neater.

Finally, an online cooperative model. I can't speak to Story Mode, but I hope this never happens for sandbox TLD. The reason for this is that a) I don't want to play multiplayer games, period. I don't want to be distracted from gameplay by other people talking. Because of my deafness, I would be unable to distinguish between the voices of NPC's versus those of my fellow players. b) it would take away from the sense of isolation in the sandbox game, where you are the only one left alive on the island. It really influences your game mentality, and having other people in the same environment as me would take away from the feeling of desperation and loneliness and solitude and introspection that I enjoy so much in this game. c) there are technical considerations that come into play when setting a game up for multiplayer mode, especially online. Server capacity has to be purchased, built or leased, and that requires financial resources that the TLD team may consider better spent elsewhere. If it doesn't fit their business model and their game vision, it's not going to be implemented. TLD is not a FPS game.

It's great to see another new player on the forums expressing much of the same ideas that have already been discussed before. It tells me two things:

  1. Great minds think alike.
  2. This is a great game to stimulate so many people mentally about not only how to survive but also how to thrive! 
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Hi, Complete answer, Thanks. I didn't think about the use of a pen in the cold. And when i talked about canibalism, it thought that it would be too rude for teenager's mind players. In fact it was a bad idea. We shoudn't have to think to eat...that... when we play a video game.

But, when I talked about online cooperativ mod, I didn't explain all. I think about an exclusive 2 online players, not more. I wouldn't like hear unknown voices in my aventure too, for the feeling. But I wish I could play with my best chillhood friend in a cooperativ story, two survivors starting together, and called to helped each other, or not finally. So this cooperativ mod could work, online, and on the same x-box at home.

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Youpi, un compatriote bravant le froid de TLD ! Je te conseille également le film "le livre d'éli" dans le meme genre.

(je continue en Anglais pour tout le monde, and also sorry for my english) A cooperative mod could be difficult to be adeed due to the difference betwwen the duration of the activity (cook a steak against take care of his clothes sn't the same duration) but it will be cool to play with a friend.

+ 1 for the pen or something which allow to draw.. It will help us to mark a area, to add more life in the game (draw a picture on a wall or on a paper...)

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14 hours ago, Vinceofpyrenees said:

So this cooperativ mod could work, online, and on the same x-box at home.

@Vinceofpyrenees I understand you wanting to play this with a friend. After all, everything's more fun with a friend, right?

That said, does this have to be online? Why not over a LAN (local area network)? All you need are two CPU's and an Ethernet/CAT 5 cable in terms of hardware and you're good to go. That's how multiplayer games got started years and years ago. In fact, while I can't say for sure, I suspect it grew out of the whole D&D craze that kind of took over dorms back when I was in college.

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