Sunbeams coming through windows

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Dear Hinterland team,

After some time playing since Tireless Menace update, there's only one thing I can say I don't like as much as before: the "hard looking" sunbeams coming the windows.
I like the old, more realistic looking, "soft" sunbeams. 

These original sunbeams are beautiful!


The below sunbeams I don't like as much, but it's the only thing visual that I didn't care for.


Just my opinion but I wanted to share with the HL Dev Team.

Love all the rest! Thanks:)

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2 minutes ago, Wasteland Watcher said:

Would it be possible to revert to the original, beautiful sunbeams for Ultra graphics settings, and the improved-game-performance, "hard" sunbeams for lower settings?

I have no idea if that is feasible or not, but I will forward your suggestion! 

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