We know not why, or even how we survive...


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In the wilds, there is naught quite like the comfort of a fire, hidden in the shadow of a crag that holds the wind's icy teeth at bay. It all started so simple, for it had been a long while since I had ventured into the outer regions of the highway by the coast, perhaps something of value lay above, hidden among the rock. I climbed and clawed my way up the steep frozen surface, and at last met with success, as a small secluded ledge unfolded before me. I was greeted by the remains of an unfortunate animal, succumb to some great predator. But the wind kept biting and so I pressed on past the deer, and soon found a pleasant spot to bring a fire to life, and to life it came with a roar! I discarded the empty tin and piled on the limbs, it was a sight to warm the heart of any freezing soul. I rested some time, and starting afresh, I ventured round the bend. But suddenly my feet failed and I plunged into the unforgiving snow, and then once I rose again, it occurred a second time! And thus, with all my limbs badly injured, I hobbled back to my fire. I had no lack of fuel, and decided it would be best to stay and sleep off my injuries. But as I began to eat, a jar of peanut butter left me feeling ill. I reached for some pills to cure my ills, but alas, there was none to be found! As the grim reality dawned on me, I realized to stay would be to die. So as I moved my aching limbs, I hobbled off in hope, slim hope, of finding something to cure my aching belly. A car I found, but it was no help to me, and so I wandered on, past cabin and stream, over hill and around tree, and slowly as the lights grew dim, a welcome sight I saw! A cabin, and behind it, the remains of a mighty tree, now the home of something sure to cure my ills! But as I came closer, despite the light of day, my sight grew dimmer still. And as the fungus I freed from the stump, I thought my life would flicker out, but no, I kept alive! And on what was sure to be my final fire, I boiled up some tea. The tea I drank and soon I staggered into the cabin's refuge, and as I collapsed into the bed, i thought for sure I would be dead. But no, soon the morning light I saw! Outside I went and lit a fire, for my supply of water was slim, I boiled more, and went indoors and rested once again. And at long last, the last affliction gone, I stood up, strong and tall, for I had survived it all!


I hope you guys enjoyed my poetic writing style, it seemed to fit the situation! When I lit the fire after harvesting the mushrooms, I was at 1%. I stayed at 1% for the next 10 hours until my food poisoning had passed, and I still had the hypothermia to deal with. I smashed a few things in the cabin and got enough fuel for a fire, boiled some water, and went back to sleep, finally ridding myself of the hypothermia. I really did not expect to survive this one!screen_8fb9f8d1-f1c6-4d52-b1fb-91960a1f6





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