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Animated crafting/cooking/harvesting graphics  

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This is a general capability that would be extremely useful for such things as an advanced mini-game for crafting things like flint knapping, forging, crafting sleds or any other item on a crafting bench, fire, or on the stop improvisation such as a temporary tent or wind screen structure made from hides and sticks for example. I'd also like to get a sense from Hinterland development as to the likelihood or viability of such a thing.

Please give me a list of activities that you would like to see some type of animated graphic or interactive animated graphic. I'll make a preliminary list with possible additions for the next few days. Might have to combine or eliminate some options if new ideas are interesting.

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I added ad-hoc improvisation to cover crafting mechanics that we don't currently have such as show shoveling, making cordage and so forth. Making reverse wrap cordage you could twiddle the left and right mouse button to make a piece of cordage as long as you liked. I suppose you could also reverse wrap cordage to get rope.

I know many people wanted to see an interactive wolf battle.

Consider also the hobby type activities that we hoped for to pass time such as beading and decoration of clothing. Many activities carry a kind of attraction to the immersive experience, such as cooking and eating that could be quite rewarding subjectively.

I wish there was a simple way to prioritize our choices since these animations would obviously entail some level of development effort. :-(

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An interactive wolf struggle mechanic would be very interesting especially if multiple wolves could attack at once. Some players feel that there are simply too many wolves on Stalker and it's far to easy to dispatch them. I am wondering if there is a way to have an animated and interactive wolf struggle with multiple wolves especially where they are circling and attacking from the rear, disengaging and attacking again when the opportunity presents itself?

Taking the counter-point perspective momentarily, making wolf struggles more interactive could tend to move the game away from it's minimalist roots and toward more traditional game play. I do like that it's not simply a matter of aiming the latest big gun at an enemy and splattering it. I like that blood effects are largely absent; perhaps there could be a bit more bleeding and a more visceral interface for harvesting that moves city folk a little more out of their comfort zone. I think it's good if a game moves us out of our old thinking habits and makes us question our moral assumptions and preconceptions.

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