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  1. Even the Performance should be better with my idea. Instead of having 117 wooden sticks at the back of my house, i would only have one woodpile (crate). 1 Asset vs 117 Assets.
  2. What kind of load screen delay are u talking about? I play it on a PS4 Pro on a SSHD Drive and even there, i have no uncommon high loading times.
  3. I think it isn't a performance issue at all. It is a simple asset like every other container in the world and the content of the container is simple database like MongooseDB for example. The Unity engine can handle a lot more. Performance wise this game has a lot of room for additions with moderate hardware requirements. More likely that this is for game design issues. If you make a storage every 500 meters, you would run never out of supplies and get in no risky situations.
  4. It would be really cool, if you could build some simple structures. Some examples: - Wood storage. Needs 3 - 6 fir wood and creates a crate, that looks like a pile of wood. - Line for hanging fish or meat. Needs two strings and two sticks of wood. You can place it inside a house and create dried fish or meat. During the drying process the food loses 30% of his calorie / weight value but is longer storable then raw or cocked meat / fish. - Drying rag. Needs 5 - 10 fir wood and 20 Sticks. At this station you can clamp cured deer hide and by using a knife you can craft from o
  5. I play on a PS4 Pro also. 1080p with HDR and have absolute no issues at all. Pretty stable FPS and as I can remember I haven't noticed any FPS drops so far.
  6. Left Stick Press is used for Auto-Walk. R1 is used for Radial Menu. U can't switch it to D-Pad cause of two reasons: 1. The trigger for the Radial Menu needs to be on the right side, cause you use the Left Stick to Navigate trough the Radial menu. U can't press D-Pad and move the left stick together. 2. The D-Pad is used for quick actions. Droping a decoy or pulling out a flare (Light Source) for example. Maybe it wouldn't hurt so much, if we remove the actual left D-Pad function. Starting a fire is a forgivable if it could only be performed by the Radial Menu. This could actu
  7. Which Button do you want to use for that? All Buttons on the controller are already in use.
  8. They are normal wolves, that are effected by the Aurora.
  9. What's are the specs of your MBP?
  10. Of course it is doable at a home workbench, if they have the proper tools for that. That is basicly the IRL idea of self loading ammo. Do this at home, don't buy factory (industry standard) crafted Ammo. On a campfire maybe the bullet casting is possible, but defiantly nothing else in the process. I would not recommend this. And as I said for the sake of balancing I don't think this is a good idea.
  11. Video: Black Powder vs Smokeless Powder: some education!
  12. The Temperatures of my MBP are pretty okay. That is not the issue.
  13. Hey Guys! 👋🏻 I normally play TLD on my PS4 Pro, but I gave it a try at my MBP and I was a little shocked! My MBP Pro is a Mid 2012 with the Quad Core i7, 16GB DDR3, Nvidia GT 650M 1GB All Settings i tested was in 1080p Resolution. Ultra = 15 - 20 FPS ; High = 20 - 25 FPS ; Medium = 25 - 30 FPS Is this normal? I know my MBP isn't the newest, but it is the fully specced out Version of his Generation and TLD seems not to Graphically heavy. The recommended settings on Steam are: i7 = ✅ ; 8GB RAM = ✅ ; Dedictaced GPU with 1GB VRAM = ✅
  14. How could this work for Consolegamers? I think all Players should have the same features.
  15. Did you looked a little closer to the guys on the ground? They look for me already pretty rotten. I assume you can't eat them anymore, even if you are extrem starving.