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  1. Well you can go up here for some reason.
  2. Well, remember that there are a lot of ways for him to bleed out. getting in a struggle with a wolf and using a sharp tool will always cause them to bleed out and die somewhere. I was able to shoot a bear with a revolver, then sleep through the night and when I woke up he was dead, 50% frozen even when it's been twelve or so hours. Like this, every wound you inflict will eventually kill the animal.
  3. In Hibernia Processing, any difficulty, when you enter through the door on the second floor you sometimes get stuck in the hole in the floor. it is close enough to the door that you can exit and enter again, but it is quite annoying as you are unable to move while in the hole. I also noticed that in a custom mode game I made, the textures in bunkers in pleasant valley have swapped with eachother: the hatch on the bunker is textured like a wall with a calendar on it, the pipes are now hatches, etc.
  4. Yeah. In the early days of bleak inlet the trees were completely wack even if you were just walking or looking around. they would just point or rotate wherever they wanted... I don't know if they fixed it yet, but it reveals that they are using some interesting code to make the trees rotate with perspective, and it's very unstable.
  5. I'm dragging by at 25 fps, but I still think it would be nice to be able to see things like campfires from further away. maybe implement a system that detects if the entity is visible to the player, and if it is larger than a pixel at the distance it is away. if both of those return true, it could render in that entity. This means it could also not render entities that are out of the player's vision or hidden by an obstacle, which would balance the framerate but make it look nicer.
  6. This is good to know. My computer is too weak to handle anything above the low setting, though. Thank you for the warm welcome, by the way.
  7. Whenever I refuel my lantern, it seems to deplete my entire supply of lamp oil, or cost a larger portion than normal. Has anybody else found this issue? Also, the quonset garage has significantly more lag than any other building, or even the region itself. I think it is due to the unique blue lighting. As the owner of a very weak computer, could the Hinterland devs please look into this?
  8. Even on ultra there are still some sliders at the bottom that can be adjusted for pop-in. have you messed with those?