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  1. also, including the rifle for the new update
  2. im having trouble with the one where you have to start alot of fires, 1000 of them. how?
  3. the title says what i want to know, HOW? please.
  4. if anyone is confused, just ask me.
  5. Tired of looking around for WOOD? And sticks? Well, here's the deal. If you have ABSOLUTELY NO idea where the wood is, but you do have a hatchet, then maybe, JUST maybe. you can have the ability to go chop trees. But one exception, it makes a very very bad downfall, but it's worth it. the log makes it so that the fire lasts for a day or a few, or just 12 hours. The downfall though, is that you lose all of your fatigue, so you have to make sure to get to bed fast. Otherwise, a moose or a bear, or even wolves might just make you fade into... The Long Dark. Oh, also. some trees have specific types, so you can split the tree into logs. maybe that's a better idea. just chop the tree into individual pieces, and get fir firewood! or any other type. What im trying to say, is that you are scraping wood (fir,etc) off of the trees, or cutting off a branch.
  6. Dying in interloper and trying my hardest, over, and over again, to accomplish what is the best feeling. Survival.