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  1. You don't need an external monitor to activate the discrete graphics gpu (radeon in your case), just go to the energy saver panel in system preferences and uncheck automatic graphics switching, this way your macbook will always use the discrete gpu.
  2. And I completely agree, moose were never intended to bleed out but apparently they do, you may have missed my comment after the video. I am actually pretty sure it is a bug. @Admin can you confirm this? Thank you. Peace!
  3. Again, watch the first minute of this... I don't know if it is a bug and whether it has been fixed or not but... There you go. Moose do bleed out apparently.
  4. Watch the first minute...
  5. Thanks for the update, I’m glad to let @Admin and @Raphael van Lierop that the constant crashes on PS4 seem to be fixed. But I wonder, will you ever fix the problem that cause the items dropped on soft surfaces to assume random positions? Very annoying especially with meat pieces. Also, the meat placed on a cooking slot makes a “cooking noise” even when there is no fire going. I love your game and your dedication. Thank you!
  6. My observations: since the “bear-fix” update I noticed that if you shoot a bear and then get indoors, the bear will always die in his den, but you won’t see your log updated until you get back outdoors. As soon as you go outside, what happens, I believe, is that the game spawns a dead bear in his den, but only if the bleed-out time has passed (of which we have no tracking). BUT, if the bleed-out time has not passed yet, you will find the bear roaming around at his normal patrolling pace but still bleeding out and it could drop at any moment. The same thing happens if you don't get indoors after shooting it, the bear will run around for a bit then it will stop running and keep going at his normal patrolling pace, bleeding out and eventually dropping. Can you confirm @Raphael van Lierop? Sorry for my English. P.S.: Since the “bear-fix” update I personally never experienced a bear not dying after getting shot.
  7. I just tried to report the bug as you suggested but I got this error. The crash keeps happening over and over again, even after deleting the profile file (it fixed the issue for a bit, apparently). Last time I was in FM in the cave close to the red train and the bear spawn, just quartered a bear and started 4 campfires to cook it, the game crashed (34878 error) . Restarted, did the same exact steps and the game crashed again... 3 mins of gameplay. Please help!
  8. I've had the same problem (PS4), especially after the last update came out. Beofore that, it was a "clockwork" crash, probably due to a memory leak that caused the game to crash after 2-3 hours of gameplay and only in a loading screen circumstance (entering/exiting a building or a new zone), my workaround was simply to restart the game after ~2 hours of gameplay and I virtually eliminated the issue. But since after the last update the game started to crash (CE-34878-0 error) in completely random circumstances, even when just walking around and even after 5 minutes of gameplay, absolutely unplayable and incredibly frustrating. I have a solution though, not ideal but the game is playable at least. You must delete the profile file (do a backup!), only that one, the survival and challenges files are safe. After that the game will create a new one and runs flawless for multiple consecutive hours. I have not played enough though to confirm that this solution will also eliminate the old "clockwork" crash, I will post an update soon. Big downside: you will lose all your settings (not a big deal, you can just re-set them) and all your progress towards your feats. And all your badges. Tip: if you run a survival game where you had active feats, those feats will automatically unlock again. I hope this will help and sorry for my English, not my first language Enjoy your apocalypse!