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  1. If it could be added it would be great, we know it really can't, but random maps but make the surviving very exhilarating since you can't take naught for granted anymore. It shouldn't replace the current maps, it would be a nice option to have, each thing has it pros and cons.
  2. PecaPig

    Game-mode Idea

    Exactly, the idea is not to force you to do anything about these survivors, it's up to you how much to care / cooperate / help and go out of your way to do so... or not. You have to pick and choose how much extra personal risk are you willing to incur to get there in time? on the other hand, if you do die, that kinda dooms the other survivors that are depending on your help every now and then... you can also just place your own safety first and help where you can without going crazy... eventually the game can become a vanilla survival mode if all humans other than the player pass away.
  3. PecaPig

    Game-mode Idea

    I'm not saying it should happen, but I think it would be amazing, I don't think it's likely to ever exist, but it's fun to think about.
  4. PecaPig

    Game-mode Idea

    I've been thinking it would be cool to have another game mode where it's basically survival mode but you get to look after some other survivors that are scattered throughout all the maps, not very many, just a few here and there, and not able-bodied enought to fend for themselves on their own. Each could need this or that, mostly wood, food, reishi shrooms ocassionally, maybe this or that tool and it would fall to the player wether to pursue this side-quests and to what extent take extra risks to look after these fellow survivors. If some or all die, well, they die, game goes on, maybe eventually the player is all on his own after some time. Maybe have one radio on most large maps where the player can listen in to what the survivors need and where they are at, how urgently they do need it etc... Maybe their needs should start off relatively low and not so urgent, since early game is tough enough on interloper to go around helping anyone out, but this could be used as a way to keep the game more engaging once the initial hump is over with and the player is tempted to fall into a sense of comfort and lack of really dire urgency to take any risks for a while. In this way some players like myself could justify really putting ourselves on the line for the common good, driving yourself further and faster and less well supplied than most of us normally would lacking an actual urgency of our own. It would also require some route-planning to make ends meet at multiple locations over not so large periods of time if one wants to try and help multiple distress calls. Some of the calls could simply involve a lack of fire-starting tools somewhere and we get there and light a nice fire, leave some wood and they nurse it for themselves, maybe leave them a couple matches just in case a long storm strikes. Or maybe elsewhere a few reishi's are needed if you get there quickly, but if you take longer maybe you need to actually prepare them for the ill-begotten survivor and nurse them back a bit until they can at least perform basic self-care. Maybe elsewhere it's fishing tackle that's in short supply and fishing is all that these survivors are able to do to get by for food. Leave them a couple and expect it to last just a couple weeks, leave some extra and they can hopefully last a lot longer before needing your help again. Maybe they will be kind enough to let you take as much lamp oil as you need since they have an abundancy due to their fishing. Thanks for reading, I enjoy dreaming up these things enough that I don't actually need any of it to be done, but it's nice to just think about the possibilities and the gameplay it would involve.
  5. I have enjoyed very much lurking the forums for a long time and felt like contributing a little bit myself. Great sense of community here. I am not a super experienced player but I've watched many hours of content from Atheenon, Hadrian and the Gucci Birchman Safari by Loonsloon on YT and I've played a decent ammount, mostly Stalker/Interloper. Currently have two Survival runs going, one where I play with my wife by my side and we make the decisions together and one for when I play alone, both Interloper vanilla. Getting to the initial point, my alone-interloper run has been very difficult, I'm on day 16 or so, I've found very little clothing, still no jackets, been just to DP and CH, I play rather cautious, instead of trying to max out the possibility of a really long run I try to survive a few days at a time, the really long term is an afterthought. I know I make suboptimal choices but I play a bit scared and enjoy the thrill of it all. I've realiced one thing that's been a bit of an "aha" moment for me in this run, I had only found 12 matches in DP and none at all in CH with only the watch tower left to visit, and since I had a cabin fever risk and a few other hiccups I had ran down to my last match. I had made like 7L. of water with my second to last match and I hadn't yet made it to the tower because of a blizzard that made me miss it in the crazyness of the storm and make my sorry, panic-induced rush back to the Quonset and didn't have a chance to go back up as the Bear was patrolling my way back the next day (and I play pretty scared-y). So anyway, I made it to the tower yesterday and there was a beautiful box of 12 matches waiting for me (and a metal-saw and a rope) and I was very happy, this meant I could take it easy and transition to Pleasant V or Mistery L. with much more ease. I went outside the guard tower and looked at the lake and the trees below in relief and wonder, remembering the many times I had (suboptimally) gone back and forth between Jack Rabbit and Misanthropes, the night I spent shaking off the Cabin fever risk, fishing and making water until I could barely keep my eyes open and dawn was almost upon me... Then I went back inside the tower and left the game and (aha moment coming) I realiced today that I am much less excited to carry on with the run than I was before I had found the matches. The urgency of having to move into maps I know less well, having to take risks, having just 1 match to my name and 7, then 5, then 4 liters of drinkable water, the expectation of not knowing what I'd find inside the tower... the constraints I was subjected to made it all that much enthralling. Today I know I have 13 matches and the sense of urgency is gone, I know I'll be comfortable for a few days worth of gameplay and only my own ambition will drive me, but my own fears will be holding me back, and I will have to fight those fears to advance out of sheer willpower, because I am not driven by necessity to take that risk. I think it reflects on my real life character, I tend to accomodate myself when things are not demanding and my best work comes when I am under pressure, when necessity strikes and I must seize the moment, make the best of what I've got. It's quite amazing that this game can help you get to know yourself a little bit better. Wanted to share that, thought some of you might relate or have another "aha" moments of their own or whatever, thanks for reading.