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  1. Today, in real life, I slipped outside on the front stairs. I sprained my wrist and felt a lot of pain. I also got torn clothes and, I think, blurred vision for a while. Luckily, I had a bandage and pain killers, which I used. A sigh of relief! (Even though the pain killer took a while to set in). Happy christmas everyone!
  2. The new location is TUNDRA: a vast, flat, unforgiving place where CARIBOU and MUSKOX and FLINT QUARRY can be found (see my earlier suggestions). No trees, only bushes for firewood. No shelters, snowshelters is the only way to survive a blizzard. Wolves hunt in larger packs for CARIBOU and MUSKOX, and you!
  3. When harvesting an animal with horns, the horns should also be harvestable. Crafting: KNIFE GRIP, NEEDLE.
  4. The current research time of 1 hour steps is not very logical. It's better to have 30 minute steps - then one could research while cooking rabbit for instance, and thus not wasting valuable time.
  5. Should be rather scarce, but the quarry will last forever. Harvest with prybar or heavy hammer. Crafting: WHETSTONE, FLINT AXE, FLINT KNIFE, FLINT ARROW HEAD, FLINT FIRESTRIKER
  6. A rare sighting. They travel in herds and are VERY protective of their young. Killling one will not be easy, maybe it should be the hardest feat of all, but the rewards are great. Crafting: MUSKOX Coat, Boots, Pants, Bedroll, Gloves, Cape
  7. To make the game more interesting, introduce the caribou. They grace in herds, and could have calves, which are slower and easier to hunt. Crafting: CARIBOU Boots, CARIBOU Gloves, CARIBOU Bedroll
  8. A real firestriker lasts about 12 000 strikes. I think the firestriker in this game should loose condition MUCH slower than it does now. It seems to be pretty rare, so when finding a firestriker with the improved condition decay rate, the player would yell "YES!" and rise up to do a little tap dance, because he or she knows that the lighting problem is then solved for a very long time forward.
  9. A heavy axe could be used for felling trees. Say 5 hours for the felling, then increments of 30 min depending on much you'd like to harvest. A whole tree should yield 150 pieces of wood and 100 pieces of tinder.