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  1. Agreed, but after the initial looting, it’s possible to get a room and AFK the last three days and still get the badges. Just check in to drink and rest a couple times. I think raising the bar a bit - while keeping the “Trick or Treat” theme - would make for a more interesting event. Forcing players to get out and confront the wolves is plenty scary. The crafting is motivation to do it.
  2. Ooooooh! Keep the travel requirements for Night 4, but make the animal hide clothes the only ones warm enough to reliably get around! 2 for 1! Also, probably not an excessive amount of coding to tweek existing components. For a small shop with Survival updates and two chapters left, any extra work is a big deal.
  3. I really enjoyed 4DON this year (my first one). It was a bit simplistic, but it was also an excuse for veteran players to just “trick or treat” the map. Given a good looting spree on Night 1, the rest of the nights could have been done AFK I also really appreciate the Devs’ commitment to Episode 3 rather than a one-off event. There’s no substitute for that. Next time, resources permitting of course, I think adding specific goals for each night to earn the badge would raise the stakes quite a bit. Keeping it the same general format: Night 1: Loot and survive Night 2: Kill x number of wolves or hunt down a specific wolf. Night 3: Visit 10 different interior locations Night 4: Spend 24 game hours in each open region. Since the game tracks most of these stats already, it seems like an easy way to force players to get out and mix it up a little.
  4. I got a very late start on Day 1, so I’m woefully under equipped. Got about 3 hours in, did a quickie in CH, and got next to nothing from Jackrabbit or the Quonset, but found clothes enough in fishing village to get to ML. My torch blew out crossing the railcar which caused a bit of a pucker, but the dead deer came in handy. More gear and candy from the dam and office. Found a pumpkin with a flare gun and the really good sweater on the overlook, then fell off the bridge in the dark coming down from the lookout tower. Set a base at the homestead since the mine is there. Night 2: Went out for wood and almost froze to death cutting logs with a hacksaw, then almost got mauled by wolves On the way back. Night 3: Grabbed coal from the mine and hit the little rest area above the Orca. Got candy and a hatchet finally, but didn’t have a prybar to open the Orca. Wolves chased me back since the flare gun is useless during the aurora. Night 4: I’ve got enough candy, wood and coal to camp in the Homestead tonight. I wish I had gotten more looting done on Night 1 though.