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  1. Though I know what almost all sounds in the game are supposed to be, I have not yet figured out what that kind of scratchy metallic sound is which you hear inside a house or building every now and then. It doesn't seem to be similar to any of the other sounds, such as wind noise. The closest I get is a tropical bird someone I knew had as a pet, who'd make a metallic type of sound like that, but I am sure that's not it. ;-) Thanks for the well fed bonus, it really makes interloper play more interesting, as you can make a choice to slightly game the system by starving yourself, or to try and eat enough and be able to carry a bit more. It's really well tuned and adds additional depth to the decision making process and strategy, especially on interloper. Would it be possible to have a well dressed bonus, similar to the well fed bonus? For example, you have all clothing you're wearing at 90% or up, which gives you a few degrees Celsius of warmth bonus. This disappears once one of your clothing items drops below 90%. This would especially be handy when you have lost, or never found clothing to fit all the clothing slots. To make it less easy it could be introduced after the time period when the game's climate is at its coldest (50 days on interloper I believe). It could add additional depth and strategic decision making, such as are you willing to waste so much cloth, or when is a good time to do this, for example when moving to another region or when living in a colder region.