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  1. I've never had this many injuries and survived. This has to be the most intense experience I've had. I'm trying to complete faitful cartographer and am halfway done, so dying is not an option. In broken railroad, I was in the process of moving all my stuff from the maintenance shed to the hunting lodge. I only had a couple of stuff left so I was travelling light... Too light. I had forgot to bring enough first aid. My fatigue meter was empty, but I was almost there so I pushed forward. I rounded a corner and got attacked by a wolf. "No problem" I thought and fought him off with the axe. O
  2. No this is new. Maybe I'm explaining it badly, but the "no shapes in the dark" part wasn't there before (first picture). With the brightness turned up to full you can't see anything before you at all anymore. It's just a solid block of color that also has a slightly green tint to it which wasn't there before. The farmhouse has been my base for the last 30 or so game days and I used to have no problem navigating through the farmhouse using the recommended brightness. Since the basement looks normal I think something must have happened during the update to ruin the lighting in the farmhouse.
  3. I don't know if this is the right place to post this since I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, but since the new REDUX update I've noticed a complete absence of lighting during the night in some places (I played survival mode). I screenshot some places to compare the lighting. All of these screenshots were taken with maximum brightness during the night. This is the Pleasant Valley farmhouse. As you can see there is no shapes or anything in the dark. You wouldn't know there was a freezer there without the text. The farmhouse basement during that same night and hour. Y
  4. I'm all stacked up for day 4. I've had my base in ML Camp Office and today I moved everything I had (except those damn magnifying glasses that keep mocking me) to the cave by the lake cabins. The way there through the lake trail was completely safe. Only one wolf patrolling beyond the cabins and a few further out on the lake, so if you're only going to the cave you don't have to worry about wolf attacks. I also found a jack-o-lantern by the cabins containing a flashlight! After hauling everything (took me 3 trips) to the cave I went into the lake cabins and chopped up everything I could.
  5. Hinterland just posted a comment in the event info forum. They said that from now on you can still get the badges even if you die as long as you survive for 2 hours on each day. So if you re-start today you can still make it
  6. Do you want to implement more challenges into the game? With the upcoming 4dof event I can't help but think it would be a great challenge to have permanently in the game (though I understand if you just want to keep it as a yearly thing, that's fine too). My favourite challenge so far is the nomad challenge and would love to see more similar challenges but with varying difficulty. Thank you for your hard work on this amazing game and for being so kind to your fans. I truly appreciate how involved you are in the community
  7. This was in survival mode. I had been out mapping and looting around Milton and was encumbered to the point I couldn't sprint. My home base was Gray Mothers house and I was by the bridge between the town and the farmhouse when I heard a wolf bark (about 100-200 meters from my base and nearest shelter). I had a rifle but no bullets so I brought out a flare, but it didn't do much and the wolf jumped me. Then, of course, another wolf got me just after - and then a third! I was down to 5 % condition after the struggles and I was sure I would die. I dropped almost everything from my pack on the gro
  8. I didn't know this had been suggested before (though it makes sense it have). Yeah spinning around and round isn't what I want either, 180 in each direction is better I prefer to play the game without mods for now (might change my mind once mod support comes), but thanks anyways
  9. I just asked another question so I'm sorry for bringing a new one, but this is something I've been curious about for a while now. My name is Astrid and this is the first time I've ever come across a fictional character that shares my name (and we're both in the medical field which is nice as well). What made you choose the name Astrid? As far as I know it's not very common outside of Scandinavia where I live. Was it because you wanted a unique name? Is she named after someone you know, or was it simply because you liked it? I would love to hear your reasoning behind her name, and also the
  10. I love the long dark. It's an amazing game and I've been following it from the early days when Mystery Lake was the only region. There's just one complaint that I've had since cars got introduced - and that is not being able to look around 360 degrees while in a car. I often use cars as a means of escaping hungry wolves or bears, but since you can only look forward and to the sides in a car, it makes it hard for me to know whether it's safe outside or not (a wolf could be lurking just behind the car and I wouldn't know). I don't know how hard this would be to implement from a programmers
  11. Have you ever considered adding a sort of "practice mode" where you can practice shooting with the rifle or bow, or hunting with stones without the fear of losing ammo/the hassle to find it? I've been very hesitant using the bow because I suck at aiming with it, and I don't like wasting ammo/arrows by doing target practice. Also, do you have any plans on extending the skills further? Ex. being able to sew makeshift clothes with the mending skill after you get a good enough skill? Clothes you sew yourself would have lower stats of course, but I can see that being useful for interloper when