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    Throwing and picking up like that didnt occur to me ajb. Nice tip. Though my aim is nowhere near that level. I could scare it off while holding the torch. I ran after it and chased it away, but that did nothing to the morale meter. Wolf just turned around after. What i did was counter to the story. I reloaded several hours earlier, and postponed saving the people in distress and let them freeze for 72-96 hours while getting side quests and bunkers. After that i waded through the encounters with ease. Also, i have to commend the devs on the world building. I found the rifle in an odd spot where i just had not explored at first. Didnt even see the spot from my first trips into the area. Made good sense to find a rifle where i did, and it made me really happy. It makes exploration valuable.
  2. I cant edit my own post? Unfortunate. Just saw the spelling error in topic. Ah well. Can confirm the save & load is repeatable. The lupus demonis just despawns when you load the game again. Easy and great way to escape this annoying new mechanic. Its not fun, challenging, or adding something to the game. Its just downright annoying. Bears are much more fun. They dont have a data-bar added to them.
  3. So i think i just found out how to avoid the silly mechanic with morale bar and death defying wolves that never give up. As soon as you hear the music and the silly bar comes up, save the game. Then load. It goes away. Tried it twice so far, because i wanted to test how many headshots these zombies actually endure. But they just closed the event and ran away. Alas, its repeatable so far.
  4. aspiranten


    Dont give people false hopes. Flares does ZERO impact on morale meter. I depleted 20% of the meter by shooting 3 flares with the gun. Throwing 3 flares on it had no impact even at point blank range. I even ran after the alien wolf with a blue flare in my hand. It tries to escape, but turns around as soon as i turn around. Then i waited by the fire for 5 hours, but its just standing there by the fire waiting for me to exit the warm zone. Then realised i just had to die and reload way back before i even tried to get the survivor. No bullets = dead. Contrary to the real world... Im with OP on this one, the game turned shit real fast with the new feature...
  5. Dont forget the morale meter should actually behave. I.e. a wolf taking a burning flaregun to the face, he would run! Not circle for a new attack, a new flare, rinse and repeat... The whole apocalyptic-wolves feature is badly written. You cant escape them, without killing or almost killing them with gun ammo.
  6. Would love to turn this feature off. Its breaking immersion, its annoying, and its pissing me off that you are literally looking at a meter, and working just to deplete it. You know you dont get a lucky shot in, you need to watch the meter and countdown. And if you run out of bullets, you are dead. Nothing else works, period. Contrary to everything said in the game itself. Scripted wolf attacks while working on the survivors, sure. But delete the meter.
  7. Lol, i waited 5 hours by the fire and the wolf is still there. Congratulations on breaking the immersive experience, Hinterland games. The Timberwolves morale meter is the dumbest feature in the game Norwegian explorer Lars Monsen hiked 8800km across Canada and filmed it all. He has zero issues with wolves, because they just dont attack people. Recently a woman in Alaska was subject to the first wolf attack in about 100 years. The Timberwolves is not how wolves in real world work at all. The aurora wolves, sure, i get that, a little sci-fi is my cup of tea. But normal wolves, doesnt. Had to reload a game 60 minutes previous, trying to find ammo now. The convicts side quests only gave me 3 rounds for the revolver and my total was up 25 rounds before the air plane. Not sure where this bountiful cache of ammo could be. Heading to the survival bunker now. If i dont get ambushed along the way by the Avengers team of wherewolves that you patched into an otherwise good game.
  8. So i found this thread, and all advice above is null and void sadly. These zombie wolves does not fear gunshots, a flare to the face, rocks, or fires. I literally have one on me now that has taken 3 flares to the face, and just lost 20% morale so far. Im out of ammo, out of flares for the gun, out of normal flares, and now just sitting by the fire waiting to die. Normal wolves doesnt attack humans. Its extremely rare. They are scared of humans and are scared easily by gunshots. Taking a signal flare to the face would send them fleeing over the hills for sure. So what is wrong with these wolves? Is it infected with some viral virus? I had an aurora night and a timberwolf party of 4 attack me on the first survivor. So naturally my limited ammo ended there. The story also urges you to push on to save these survivors, so i havent done any side quests yet. Its urgent to save humans.