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    So... I'm on the verge of quitting The Long Dark story mode because of Timberwolves. I don't have enough ammo to scare them off (I'm a little in disbelief of how much ammo it actually takes to scare them off in the first place.) What other strategies are there to deal with them? If you don't have enough ammo, the game is just over for you, essentially? Very upsetting mechanic. They're scripted, so you can't avoid them. And there seems to be only one method to deal with them (shooting/scaring them), so if you don't have bullets, that seems to be the end of the road. This has ruined the game for me. What other methods have people found to deal with them?
  2. Wow. You are absolutely right. I just went and watched the cut scene and he hits his head on the floor when he trips. Will even comments, "That smarts." He then stands up and shakes the cobwebs off. I not only did not notice that in the cutscene the first time, but I also spent a fair amount of time in the shed before I left again, so I never would've drawn a connection between the two events/scenes. Thanks again.
  3. I'll have to back and watch the first cutscene again. That was SUPER unclear to me. Like many, many others, I also saw the body long before I "tripped over it." I also find major continuity problems but that wasn't even my issue, in this case. My issue was there was a cutscene that seemed completely out of place, referring to hitting my head when I don't remember ever hitting my head, in the first place. It was just very, very confusing. Thanks for helping to clear it up. I'll go back and see if I can determine if I hit my head in the first sequence.
  4. Ummmm... I didn't hit my head AT ALL, from what I could tell. Can anyone explain this cutscene to me? I was convinced my machine had locked up or something when that cutscene started and that I had missed part of it because it made zero sense-- but then I watched some video footage on YouTube and I had, indeed, seen the cutscene as intended. What am I missing? What allegedly happened there?
  5. So... Still no other response to this? The game just can't offer me the resolution option I need? Like I said before, it's odd because I've ALWAYS played it in windowed mode in the correct resolution-- right up until this past test branch.
  6. Thanks for the response. I have tried this. I can initially force the correct resolution-- but once the menu pops up, the game resets the window and it defaults to a smaller resolution. The opening cinematic and text all are at the correct resolution. But there must be some sort of reset of the window after that.
  7. Well, he quoted you-- but you hadn't said anything negative, either, so I wasn't sure. :-P
  8. Containers would actually be very realistic. I live in northern Minnesota, near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, and when I go canoeing in there, my partner and I always use a bear canister, which is basically a thick, molded plastic barrel. Having in-game canisters that aren't specifically bear canisters that still allowed for safe storage is a smaller suspension of belief than many others things in the game are (like the inability to make a spear for basic protection, the fact that we are incapable of jumping, or that hot breath in cold air makes a massive plume of smoke even in darkness.)
  9. I haven't played TLD for quite a few days now and it's mostly because of the breath and first aid mechanics. I'm only maybe a week (in game) into a new stalker game since Faithful Cartographer dropped and I basically quit playing because of a few night-time excursions in the early game where I'm unable to see where I'm going or what I'm doing. It's almost unplayable, to me. My remaining hope is that they will fix/change those two things, at least, before or at release. If not, I just can't see myself continuing to play.
  10. I use three screens, but I'm not sure why that should change things (unless you're thinking that it can't detect the native resolution or something?) As I stated in my OP, I was always able to play it in the correct resolution prior to this past test branch. I'm not sure if this is in response to me or not, but I'm not intending to be negative. I originally asked, "What can I do to force a 1920x1080 resolution in windowed mode? " and then followed up with, "No response to this? There's no way to play in my monitor's native resolution in windowed mode?" I don't think either of those are negative posts. I'd really like to be able to play the game using the equipment I have as the equipment intends it. It's very, very distracting (and sometimes hard to see) when you have a half inch wide border around the window. And, sure, I could simply not play in windowed mode-- but I shouldn't have that option forced away from me when others don't. I sometimes have information up on another screen that I'm using while I play. So... I'd like to be able to play the game as I was always able to in the past, which I don't find to be a negative request.
  11. No response to this? There's no way to play in my monitor's native resolution in windowed mode?
  12. I believe you're correct, yes. What is further odd is that I can use either a batch file or the launch options in Steam to initially force the correct resolution-- but as soon the menu comes up, it switches the resolution back down to the incorrect one and removes the option, as originally stated. This might be the first time I've ever experienced software that eliminates the option of playing in the native resolution of the monitor. Very, very odd.
  13. I play with a multi-monitor setup. If I play full windowed, I get an option for 1920x1080, which is the native resolution for each of my monitors. But if I select windowed mode, I lose the ability to choose 1920x1080 as a resolution. What can I do to force a 1920x1080 resolution in windowed mode? I played that way for years prior to the recent test branch.
  14. What am I missing, here? List of skill books: Field Dressing your Kill, Vol. I - Carcass Harvesting (10 skill points, 10 hours research) Wilderness Kitchen - Cooking (10 skill points, 5 hours research) Survive the Outdoors! - Fire Starting (10 skill points, 5 hours research) The Frozen Angler - Ice Fishing (10 skill points, 5 hours research) Advanced Guns Guns Guns! - Rifle Firearm (10 skill points, 25 hours research) Frontier Shooting Guide- Rifle Firearm (5 skill points, 4 hours research, up to Level 3 Rifle Firearm)
  15. We're just going to end up agreeing to disagree on this. I think there's absolutely a point to a countdown if you know generally what the countdown is for, i.e., "We have a huge announcement coming. Here's a countdown for that." Then people are appropriately excited for what is still a surprise, since nobody knows what the announcement is for. Now, would people have still hoped the announcement might be something that it ultimately wasn't? Yes, most certainly. Might some folks have been disappointed about what the announcement ended up being? I'm sure. But they would NOT have felt misled or manipulated or anything else that is really at the crux of people being pissed off. I think very few people are upset about the magnitude of the announcement-- they seem upset because they felt toyed with. I, for one, understand why they feel that way because I think they were toyed with, to an extent.