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  1. I'm getting lag spikes of 5-10 seconds during condition checks like Sprains and Wolf Attacks most notably. Some interior load areas spike also when calculating lighting. Most notably the Bleak Inlet workshop. It lags about 10 seconds. Saves in general seem to be slower and I notice lesser lag spikes during other activities. Oddly I dont think this happens during Episode 3 checks, or perhaps I didn't notice or invoke the same checks. I don't think I had any hits from wolves during EP3 and I never encountered sprains there either. i7-7700K with 32GB GTX 1080 Win10 on 960Pro 512GB NVMe Game installed on 850 EVO 500GB
  2. /sigh I always miss this event.
  3. Is there any chance of seeing native VR in this edition of The Long Dark? Has any research into VR in The Long Dark been done? If so what problems have you encountered? Despite the painterly style, and perhaps because of it, I get very immersed when I play. I was worried this style would look a little like miniatures or give the world a tilt-shift effect in VR. I notice this effect in standard 2D when in pain or with energy drinks. Actually I think it looks cool. That extra dimension of depth I believe would suit The Long Dark well but VR is a small market I imagine.
  4. LOL, true. Thank god for microwaveable ramen cookers.
  5. Someone pointed out to me that cans and pots dont cook water at the same rate when full. For example at level 5 cooking; Melting 0.5L of snow in a can or pot takes 13 minutes. Melting 2L of snow in a pot takes aprox. 4x as long, as expected 53 mins. Boiling 0.5L in a can or pot takes 8 minutes. However boiling 2L of water in a pot takes 53 minutes. Over 20 minutes longer than four batches in cans. Boiling 4x the water over the same heat should take 4x as long. It's been a while since i've taken thermodynamics but it should be one to one, mass to heat. Then again water shouldnt cook faster because i'm better at it but i'm glad it does
  6. I've seen a few people mention that eating raw meat gives you Food Poisoning. If you're cooking predator meat you get Intestinal Parasites when you eat raw meat. Which is substantially worse. Do you get food poisoning if you eat raw dear meat or fish?
  7. This definitely needs to be addressed. What I find most awkward is that its a right-click in the radial menu then a left-click to place. Done repeatedly this can be confusing. Also I would like a warning; like when you are about to burn an un-researched book. I've eaten raw meat twice on a new 30 day stalker run. That's a lot of antibiotics to use in 30 days for a mis-click. Not to mention the inability to study books for over half the days at the start of a new game. The cooking update is interesting. Even though it's gotten me killed twice already. Admittedly my own fault for cooking outside on decreased health. I wish there were more stoves in the game like the six burner one at the farmhouse.
  8. Have cargo containers been modified recently? I'm currently in TWM on my first custom game; based on stalker settings. The only difference is that I disabled cabin fever. I noticed half the containers I expected to see and the drop-rate was also about half what I would expect from cargo containers on stalker. In fact I was just up there a month or so ago on a different run set on standard stalker mode. Even on that run I thought there should have been more containers. I remember most locations a year ago having two containers. My recent standard stalker run was similar but I remember thinking some containers were missing. Now most locations outside the tail only have one container and the tail itself only had four. The Wiki lists seven. Also drop-rate was lower. After picking TWM clean on this run I had less than my haul in PV. see this post on steam
  9. Same here. Except I created a new Challenge game. I had to force a save in a new challenge to get the achievement to register with steam. In my case I walked outside the Trappers Cabin on Hopeless Rescue. Thanks for the reply as to how you fixed it. ~ Astinus