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  1. Same here. I put in 3 airplane dinners and now it is glitched out. Like it is frozen. Cant put in, cant take out
  2. Still waiting on those bear saddles to be added to the game Raph. lol. The future of the Long Dark is looking bright! Good luck.
  3. Survival Mode: Cooking level 5 + 30 days of bear meat = . I love animals but If I could kill the old bear twice I would. Some people give the cute animals a pass but don't care about others. You won't hear to many complaints about stepping on ants, or killing mice. I guess the bigger they are and more cuddly they look the more protection they get? The beautiful thing about hunting in a video game is that there are no consequences and you can live out a fantasy of hunting a bear. I guess its just being able to morally separate yourself from the real world and the video game world. For me I laug
  4. It's across all platforms. Experiencing that now on PS4. 227 days into Stalker run, update happened, then infinite basement loot. They are aware and are fixing it.
  5. Every radio must be clicked. .... MUST BE!
  6. Friendly note here. The update is fantastic but just be wary of carry over games at PV farmstead, ps4, 227 days on stalker. I was in the farm house before the update. After the game update I can loot the basement constantly. It resets as a new discovered location every time you enter the house and then go back to the basement. All my supplies were saved perfectly in the house ( base). This may only be for carry over games but basically I have infinite, boots, crow bars, antiseptics, pants, whetstones, matches, firewood, candy bars etc. Quite an advantage and a bit of a bummer.
  7. The studio that never stops delivering. All great additions and extending The Long Dark's life even further. Even if it does not extend your life in game!
  8. Killer Moose! The herbivore alternate for bears! Brilliant idea. Just think what my lawn will look like with 50 kgs of cooked moose meat all over it. An image is appearing in my mind for December.
  9. Just remember folks. In co-op you don't have to outrun the bear. You just have to outrun your partner. So get that Stamina Badge!!!!
  10. No worries, it was just a few comments that sounded like you were frustrated. i.e. "I dislike people that dislike the idea of co-op", "It is absolutely moronic to think that survival is a loner´s job", "you should have looked around and instead of starting new topic on this idea". If you got in trouble for just saying those things I would stand with you to boycott the forum. Anyways I hope you have a good day, and remember that this topic supports your wants. Why you are suggesting that I should of added onto another topic is confusing. I want co-op and getting a bit more attention i
  11. You sound like you're having a bad day. If you want people to listen to you maybe tone down the condescending remarks. IMHO.
  12. My friend and I often joke about those scenarios. One is the nester, cooking and crafting the other scavenging and being hunted. I'm getting chased by a bear *message pops up* player two is requesting to rest.
  13. A friend and I have talked about this a little bit and I thought I would share some thoughts, perhaps and hopefully you can add to it. The thought of playing TLD with a friend excites the imagination, but how can you work in a world of passing time, harvesting, cooking etc when time is warped? How do you and another player sync back up. - Passing time / Sleeping requests. "Player one is requesting to sleep for 8 hours". Just this one little thing would take teamwork and strategy. If I am at 15% and need to put in 12 hours sleeping but my friend decided to stay in doors and make muffi