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  1. You are not the only one. I get that same bug often. Usually occurs just before the character starts speaking. Sometimes, I can go a while with out it doing it
  2. Often while traversing the icy, cold and deadly terrain, I often sit there and listen to a blizzard blow, the birds singing in the background or the wolves howling in the distance. I also know that a soundtrack will be released when the game is fully released. So I was thinking, that hinterland should add in the environmental audio as well as the musical cues that occur (new area, specific time of day) during the days. Similar to what Far Cry Primal did with their audio experiences. I personally would love listening to the environmental noises with the short musical cues within while writing up my assessment tasks. Let me know your thoughts!
  3. As am I. I died on my 80 day voyager save just before the update. So far, I am trying out pilgrim for a while and the challenges.
  4. Agreed it is hard. 1st Attempt: I missed the shelter and as the UI was changed, I had no clue in the world how to heal myself. I DIED 2nd Attempt: Found the basement. Only attacked twice on my way. Made it into the dam. Fluffy killed me... Not the bear 3rd Attempt: Got up from being attacked. Heard a growl. Just as I entered the shelter, I died. The wolf must of got me as I entered. 4th Attempt: Healed myself up in the basement. A blizzard came. Had no water, an energy bar and a flare gun. Blizzard did not let up (So stuff it). Was -40 degree Celsius. Headed towards the ledge I went down in attempt 2. Thought I heard a growl so I ran. Tripped down the ledge like a domino effect. Spraining everything 3 times. I DIED. Will do attempt number 5 soon.
  5. This is a new save in Pilgrim v.326. Just noticed after breaking down a metal shelf, the Gas Station is hosting a ghost. Bad joke aside, I am not really sure why the radio is floating mid air. As you can also see in this image, I broke the metal shelf in the other section and the metal container is on the ground (which is normal). Thank You for making this game!!!!
  6. +1 I get the same bug. Noticed when cooking Tin of Coffee and the Packets of Tea. It has happened at all the fireplaces (including barrels and hand made fire) I have tried so far.
  7. Yeah. I have had that as well. Sometimes I can hear the deer gallop, but I never actually see where it is.
  8. "Ok I am at day 30, stuff it. Let's shoot the bear. How hard can it be?" I learnt from my mistake (didn't die through. Was at 6% condition). Now everytime I even slightly see a bear, I leg it in the opposite direction
  9. The spawn points are random. So yes, you might spawn in the same place more than once. There are around 6 (i think) different spawn points for each map. I think of the spawning like rolling a dice. You can get the same number more than once.
  10. Agreed. Especially in Australia (where I am) during our summer, it can get to high 40s in temperature (celcius) in Queensland, Northern Territory the northern areas of Western Austalia. Plus there are many things that would hinder survival (droughts that can last over a year), deadly/large bush fires, and snakes. I live in rural Queensland, where this summer temperature has been reaching 38-40 degrees celcius max and little rain. If you went further west, some areas have not had rain for 8 months. I do like the idea of surviving in a jungle area. Would make navigating interesting.
  11. For the final version of the game, I would love to see Easter Eggs from iconic Pop Culture such as TV, Film, Video Games, etc. Below are some of my initial ideas. Would love to hear your ideas! Star Wars - Rare White Bear named 'Wampa' - Corpse hanging from a cave roof with a Fire Striker on the ground (Luke Skywalker) Ice Age - Woolly Mammoth Skeleton The Walking Dead Game from Telltale - Clementine's Hat - Jacket from Season 2 ( ... 24x538.jpg)
  12. As you can find lots of soda cans and packaged food, I would like to be able to see the rubbish you have consumed. For example is you consume a soda can, you would be able to see it. Furthermore, I would like to see a feature where you could use that rubbish to add to a fire.