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  1. And big thanks for that! Some games are sold DRM free on GOG, but yet for some reason have DRM on the Steam version. Anyway, shame that IL2CPP will prevent modding, but I'll look forward to the official mod support. Best of luck and keep up the great work! 🙂
  2. I feel like there's a lack of context here. StrangerFromTheInternet is the one who made the mod to fix this bug. Again, just to avoid derailing this whole thing into new argument, he's not trying to say that Hinterland couldn't fix it. Hinterland obviously has lots of stuff to do and juggling with bugs vs new features is an eternal battle.
  3. It could be changed to "respawn interval" or something like that. So it could be fixed with different language as well.
  4. * Blue print scrolling * Caches not added to map when discovered * Custom difficulty deserialization * Deterministic torch condition * "Eternal crafting bug" * Exploitable cooking skill (cooking very small pieces for lots of xp) * Food poisoning chance * Hunting lodge temperature * Ice fishing hole exploit * In progress bow being equippable fix * Performance issue by steam controller detection * Settings changing for simply opening menu * No drinking sounds when "monologue" is off * Fix z fighting of dropped items * Dropped item rotation * Ruined snow shelter not being destroyable * Head slot fix * Map not showing all discovered details * Gun shooting at center of screen instead of where the the barrel points at * "Wildlife Respawn Frequency" working reversed in custom difficulty ("low" makes spawn more frequent) * Crafting menu showing wrong crafting time * Performance issue with breath effect Of course, some of these might be more like features than bug fixes, but many of these are obvious bugs. Not sure which of these are fixed by now. You seem to think that mods we had were all limited to make the game easier. There were also mods that made it harder, mods that added new items, mods that made dragging corpses possible, mods that added electric blankets that needs car battery to work and so on. E: Seems like WellsleyFarms was faster.
  5. I agree with you, there's a difference. Everyone else is talking about TLD, modding, reddit and so on, while you are talking about my health. 😂 Hinterland employees were the only active moderators and made the rules. I won't continue this any further, I already quoted you the relevant part of reddit guidelines. Trying to prevent people talking about mods in r/thelongdark was a mistake.
  6. I'm sorry, but Raph literally said that he is offended of mods that fix bugs in the game. He thinks that making a mod to fix a bug is "antagonistic and insulting". People aren't fixing bugs to "show that Hinterland doesn't know what they're doing", like Raph seems to think. People fix bugs because they want them fixed. Getting offended by that is all on Raph. Honestly, what you said is more rude than anything I've said in the past week so I don't see your point. My health is just fine, thanks for your concern. Despite disagreeing with Raph, I believe I have been reasonably respectful.
  7. I never said claimed that it was hidden from the subreddit owner, which was not an active moderator btw, who later acknowledged that something needs to be done to the situation. I'm not sure if you was supposed to disagree with me, but your comment exactly shows the problem. r/thelongdark was never "your community", person A even explicitly said that A has no affiliation with HL when he joined the subreddit. I'm not going to argue much further, since you stated yourself that you understand that's not how reddit works. Here's a quote from moddiquette: Oh come on. No need to try to play some kind of victim here. People are happy to discuss with devs, people aren't happy when the devs try to dictate what parts of the game you're allowed to talk about, that's not what reddit is about. There are plenty of subreddits where devs are present and it's seen as a positive thing. Some subreddits even have devs as moderators, but they're not in charge of the subreddit and understand that it's not "their community" where they can decide what people talk about. They are there to take part, not to take over.
  8. Should have clarified that that's no longer the case, but it certainly happened. It went something like this: * person A becomes TLD subreddit moderator and is pretty much the only active moderator for the subreddit * person A is hired by Hinterland * Somewhere here talking about mods was banned, not sure at which point * Person A makes official Hinterland account, invites it as a moderator. States that now A can can keep moderating even if the community would want Hinterland out of the subreddit, since no one knows these two accounts are connected. * Person A invites second Hinterland employee to be a moderator
  9. You're arguing against something nobody has said. No one here has said that Hinterland can't (legally or any other reason) change to IL2CPP. People are simply expressing their concern about how this will affect modding. Your argument boils pretty much to "My game, my rules", which is of course true. But you're trying to argue that people can't express their opinion about something unless Hinterland is legally required to comply with your wish. Might as well close all the wishlist and critique threads right? As I already said, I personally understand the change, but if people don't find the benefits of IL2CPP outweigh modding, they should be able to express their opinion it. I also partly believe that the situation would be a bit better if Hinterland wasn't so strongly against modding from the beginning. They even took over the TLD subreddit in pretty shady way and banned talking about mods there too. While this should be obvious, there's a lot between "ban talking about mods everywhere we possibly can" and "make official modding support, make contracts with every player promising that updates won't break mods". Again, no one is saying that Hinterland is needs to do or not do something, people are saying that they wish Hinterland did or did not do something.
  10. That's pretty much what modding is, except that "illegal" is a way too strong strong term, it might be on the grey area, but there's no precedent and legislation varies between countries heavily. What we do know for a fact, is that Hinterlands strong opinion against mods is not common. Sure, Hinterland doesn't have to allow talking about mods and so on, but don't try to present this like it'd be common with other developers. And this whole "unofficial" and "official" modding terms are pretty much coined by Hinterland. Usually developers might release official modding tools to help modding, not to limit modding. You know what Avalanche Studios did when some modders made "unofficial" multiplayer mod for Just Cause 2? They released it on Steam and hired some of the developers. Surely they should have been super mad for such shenanigans, right? Now again, I'm not saying that Hinterland doesn't have right to be against modding. It just seems that many people seem to assume, because of Hinterland's stance, that it's common for developers to try to limit modding, which it is not.
  11. As a mod developer I'm not going to complain about this situation, because Hinterland had clearly expressed the don't support mods, so there was no expectations of them to keep modding in mind when making decisions. But as you said there's more to consider here. The switch to IL2CPP means that we will never get as flexible mod support as we had previously (unless they switch back to mono). I seriously doubt we'll be able to make mods like Relentless Night with the eventual mod support. What comes to these "unofficial" mods, I'd just like to point out that this isn't a commonly used term. It was pretty much coined by Hinterland. For example, despite Skyrim having official mod support, many of the most used mods would be "unofficial" by Hinterland terms, because huge portion of the mods use SKSE (Skyrim script extender), which was not created with official modding tools.
  12. To make it even more clear, instead of having one pixel at certain color, the "high res" image consists of 4x4 blocks of the same color.
  13. Make sure that the game is not using your integrated gpu. You can see that from the log file at: steamapps\common\TheLongDark\tld_Data\output_log.txt
  14. FINDarkside

    Broken RNG

    Nothing really contradicts what I said. I just said that apple didn't really replace anything with "pseudo random", because it was already pseudo random in the first place.
  15. FINDarkside

    Broken RNG

    Well it isn't depending on how you define "random". What they meant with "pseudo random" was that it wouldn't even trying to be random, like making sure that you can't fail 3 times in a row with 70% chances. The randomness wasn't really the problem, the problem was that the shuffle didn't do what it's mean to do: shuffle the list. If you shuffle the list there's no way one song is played 2 times in a row.
  16. I think it's just you. Walking around in snow and picking up sticks can't be copyrighted. They have done nothing wrong unless they ripped assets directly from TLD , which is very unlikely as I would say that it's unlikely that that game even took any inspiration from TLD. This is not the first time something like this is posted, every time someone else makes a game with snow someone blames them of copying. Even if someone copied all gameplay elements of TLD it would be perfectly legal.
  17. Hi, I can take a look at your save file and see how bad it is. It's possible that only one of the files is corrupted, and possibly even fixable. If you're interested, post or pm me your save folder.
  18. Take a look at your save folder, it's possible that the save is still there, but just corrupted. Save files are usually at C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Hinterland\TheLongDark.
  19. The gross sales is a lot more though. According to SteamDB, TLD has 933,376 owners on steam alone. Obviously not everyone bought it at $20 as it has been on sale multiple times. Then there's GOG and Xbox too.
  20. Hi, if you want I can move you out of there if you post or pm me your save file. Save files are usually located in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Hinterland\TheLongDark
  21. Why is this a problem though? It's a singleplayer game and even the leaderboards were removed. So if you're going to cheat that's just for your own entertainment, nothing wrong with that. This raises some questions about the rules, from player perspective this is surely a "cheat". From technical perspective I guess that's not so clear. Editing save files is banned, extracting game files is banned, converting game audio files to .ogg is banned, using reflector to take a look at game's code is banned (I believe). I guess the argument here is that the program doesn't actually modify TLD in any way, nor does it present any "hidden" data, even though the coordinates are kinda hidden. I would still call it a "hack", as it does access the game process even if it doesn't modify the memory. Theoretically you could make a wallhack for FPS game by only reading it's memory and I suppose everyone agrees that that would be a hack. In my opinion this definitely shouldn't be removed, but the rules should be consistent. If this is allowed, is a program reading save files allowed as long as it doesn't modify any files? Also worth noting that it's newer been a legal issue, AFAIK cheating even in online games isn't illegal unless you're trying to make money out of it. This isn't very relevant though as Hinterland has other than legal reasons for their rules.
  22. What kind of "benefits" are you looking for then? Usually the only "benefits" of EA games are that you'll be able to play them sooner and might pay less than for a finished game. "Price provides immediate access to the Sandbox Mode" just means that you will be able to play the sandbox mode after you buy it.
  23. Hi, I attached a fixed save. Seems like you are encumbered and have sprained ankle though, good luck
  24. The site footer says "Community Software by Invision Power Services, Inc." so it's probably Invision Power Board. And if you look at this image, the top bar looks the same as in these forums.