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  1. But doesn't gear with higher protection slow you down more ?
  2. I am fine with there AI but it seems they do the same damage across all settings so if it is not already in the game i think the wolfs need a damage readjustment. Fox - Takes up to 10 struggles to kill you from the wolf Owl - Takes up to 5 struggles to kill you from the wolf Wolf - Takes up to 3 struggles to kill you from the wolf Skull - Takes 1 struggle to kill you from the wolf.
  3. You need to find them for some kind of unlock but i forget if it gives you anything.
  4. Hmmm, maybe they should move the trigger to the tank then ?
  5. I agree with you, i hate wasting ammo but scaring them off is better then losing about 50% con from a attack that will take 48 hours to recover.
  6. This is one of the things that bugged me in terms of realism in the game but i overlooked it as it saves time boiling water. I am talking about why when you collect water from toilets that its automaticly clean ?, if a person was using that toilet you would not want to drink the water from it !
  7. Getting killed so many times by wolfs, made me respect them but not stop killing them.
  8. How are we suppose to get to those boxes past the rope in the dam ?
  9. Also notice they take the bait and run off, that must be new because i thought they will stay there and eat it.
  10. I did not know you can take out batterys and just try it right clicking and was amazed !. Maybe they will shock wolfs or something.
  11. In the owl mode wolfs attack on sight but what i notice is there mostly in packs and to me that seems a little be overkill as this is not interloper where you can expect that. So i was just wondering if this is how it is suppose to work as i find myself dieing to wolfs a lot and this is even after i kill over 3 in a row. Its like if you do not have a weapon on you, then you will die. Really annoying.
  12. Be cool if they added it thought like with malnurtion ( typo )
  13. Maybe make the dot also Light Dim Blue so it does not merge with the background, i did this on team fortress 2 and it helps a lot !