State of decay [Answered]


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As in condition, not as in nation, but a clear reference to another awesome game :)

Yet the question is, when searching through containers and whatnot, if i choose not to place the items i find into my inventory does the decay timer also start?

For instance; I rummage through a couple of lockers, i'm getting pop ups that different items are in there yet i choose to leave them where they are, can i come back weeks/months later and still have them at the durability they were in when i first rummaged through those supplies, or does the timer start as soon as you click 'search' ?

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some player avoid searching containers until the contents are needed. FYI.

Also don't click on any carcasses from natural causes; those won't start to decay until you inspect them. Gather the feathers first and then get the hide and meat later, when you really need it.

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