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Hello fellow readers,

(I am a Russian speaking guy, so I am very sorry for any kind of mistakes that I made writing this opinion, thant you for reading it!) :)

This is a "Kind of a First impression" simply because I have been playing this game for quite some time in past few days. And this is my opinion:

The game is amazing - in the very first 30 min of the gameplay I was sitting in my room and feeling that I am cold like I am sitting on an ice cube, even it is +25 C outside(end of summer)! That was amazing, you really start to "live the game". I must point out the fact that not many games these days, that give me THIS kind of a feeling of it.

The game is hardcore in a sense of survival - a simple wrong choice is going to result in your death, and you realize it!

ABSOLUTELY LOVE the weather system - sometimes when you are fed and not fatigued and would like to go out to search for some supplies - blizzard comes in and says - Sir... you are NOT going ANYWHERE! :) And now you have to sit in a house and waist your daylight and CALORIES on a simple waiting... Not to mention that when you DO have nice sunny days - you know that this is sunny, but in a minute it can become -20 C again... so don't waist your time on looking at the birds or sight seeing - HURRY UP, FOCUS on your GOAL! Or you are going to die... again! :)

The fact that there are not a lot of warm clothes in the game makes it even more hardcore. I can't imagine myself in THAT kind of situation it is -20 C, I am without any cover from the cold air, don't have a simple coat, my clothes are torn after the airplane crash - not giving me enough warmth... OMG - I am a guy who is not easily scared, but this is quite scary!

Tho, I do understand that this is alpha sandbox and it came to my understanding that I am not going to WIN this one... The sandbox - is just about "How long are you going to survive". I realize it, but even knowing it - a huge part of me wants Will to SURVIVE! Every time I die, I do not rage out, on the contrary - I focus even more, I think about things I did wrong, work on strategy of the "next try"!

That was the good part of my opinion, now comes some suggestions, if I may :)

When you harvest the meat 1 kg, gives you 1000 Calories - when you consume it, the hunger meter, to my mind goes WAY too little. I mean it is 1 kg of meat - it is A LOT! :) If I eat that much meat - I would be satisfy my hunger for a very long time. In the game - the "Hunger" meter is affected way too little. I am not 100% sure, but if you have your Hunger meter in the red zone(when u have 0 calories), and consume 1 meat(1000 calories) it goes down +-30% <-- this is way too little. In a sense of realism - do you imagine yourself that you can eat 3 kg of meat just to feel fed? No... it would be like 0.5 kg + some potatoes - there is your average meal. I want to say, that if the hunger would be lowered, yes we would live longer, but DIE in any case, and If I understand correctly - you guys(the devs) just want to make the sandbox VERY hardcore, simply because there is not too much stuff to do and explore. So you just made it very difficult to survive too long to feel that the "world" is too little for 1 life. That is just my thought.

Other than that - I do understand that you do not want to make minecraft out of this, but not having some kind of way to make knife out of some rock... makes 1 Bear Grylls sad :( It is very sad to go by an animal carcase(MEAT) that you can't harvest for food(I WANT MEAT!!!), just because you don't have a knife/hatchet.

This is my impression of the game so far, I am sure, that I forgot a lot of things that I wanted to mention, but at this point - I am just enjoying the game! Thank you Hinterland guys for this experience! :) Wish you all very best!

And I am waiting for the Episode 1! :D

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I really like the way you type, I guess us slavic people have similar styles. I agree about the hunger, he gets ridiculously hungry and is never satisfied. Still you have more than enough meat with the new 10 kg per carcass method. I'd like to be able to harvest human corpses as well.

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I'd like to be able to harvest human corpses as well.

That could give rise to new afflictions in addition to food poisoning. The first ones that come to mind are throwing up (losing calories) and maybe depression/desperation that would affect your condition percentage (I'm sure resorting to cannibalism won't make you very cheerful). The cost would have to be high enough to really make you think hard if the reward is worth it.

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