The Long Dark Sandbox — Hotfix to v.303 to fix XBox One Save


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Hello Xbox community,

For a couple of months now, we’ve been working hard to fix an issue that’s been affecting some of our Xbox players: loss of saves. This is an issue we take extremely seriously, due to the game’s permadeath nature. We know how frustrating it is to lose progress in this way, and we’ve been working hard to figure out what has been causing these issues.

Twice before, we thought we solved the issue, and we rolled out fixes. Both times, we realized that the save issues were multi-faceted, and went deeper than we realized.

Today, we’re rolling out a third fix for the Save system on Xbox One, which we believe addresses the last remaining known issue. We’ve done a lot of testing on it and have worked with Microsoft to ensure this addresses the issue.

We appreciate all the patience you have shown us while we’ve been working to fix these issues, and we are very hopeful that this latest fix puts the save loss bugs to rest.

If you encounter any more save game loss after this update, please send a note to:, with as much detail as you can recall.

Thank you,



Raphael van Lierop

Founder & Creative Director

Hinterland Studio Inc.


* Fixed issue where game would not suspend when in constrained mode, which could mean the player died while the game was left running in the background while the player did something else on their Xbox.

* Fixed issue where the game would crash if the player tried to cook too many items, too rapidly (button mashing).

### End of Changelist ###

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This problem was a bit frustating but finally resolved. Thanks. :)

Note: The French translation of the game will be available soon? (Xbox One)

We will offer some native translations for the XBox One version, but it's possible they will not be added until we're closer to full release.

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I've been playing this game intensely on XB1 for the last ten days (initial game purchase in the Fall). When I saw the update notes a few days ago indicating lost saves on XB1, I thought phew - glad that never happened to me. Today it happened to me. (on a game I began before the update, but have played since)

I logged in just now to pick up on a 139-day Voyageur save and the game wouldn't load. Just an error sound when I clicked the A button to resume (although I could see the game file and its stats). I tried a few things, including a console reboot as I'd had network connection issues when I first turned on the XBox tonight. When I reopened the game, there was no evidence of an existing save. 'Sandbox' only opened the new game option.

Some more details as requested:

Yesterday I had just spent an hour moving all my important stuff into Pleasant Valley for the first time via Coastal Highway. In this playthrough I had spent about 50 days in Mystery Lake, 50 in Coastal Highway, and 30 in Desolation Point. I had dropped all stuff in the house in the small cluster of houses and rural store via about three back-and-forths from CH. I had contracted food poisoning, slept 2 hours, eaten and drank water again, then slept through the night. When I woke up, I went outside into a bllizzard and immediately returned indoors to trigger the autosave. After the spinning circle disappeared, I pressed quit game, and turned off xbox when I was back on title screen (same process I followed every time I turned it off).

Some details re: network issues tonight:

I turned on XBox One. Game wouldn't launch as it indicated that 'you need to be online to play this.' Ditto all other apps including Netflix/Xbox store/etc. Network connection was testing A-OK. Rebooted console a few times, same issue - nothing would launch (no connection error), but network connection tested as 'connected'. I tested multiplayer connection and selected 'go offline' via settings. Then turned back 'go online'. Launched game successfully after this. Story picks up above.

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