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  1. Can any XB1 players who were unable to pick up the bear pelt from the overlook floor (survival story mission) prior to this patch confirm whether this has fixed that problem, without requiring a restart? That put the brakes on my Wintermute game about a month ago and I don't want to restart story mode.
  2. Is this confirmed? There are other indoor/outdoor locations in the world that DO count towards cabin fever. e.g. Mountaineers lodge, forestry lookout towers. That sounds like a pretty ideal location if this is an exception - storage, bed, shelter, and instant access to an indoor location with a workbench during blizzards or early morning frigid temperatures.
  3. I've been playing on XB1 since Aug 1. Played Wintermute for the first 10 days or so, until I was blocked by a story-halting bug (can't pick up bear pelt), which the devs claim was fixed in a patch I had downloaded before encountering it. I switched over to Survival mode while I wait for news of another patch as I don't feel like restarting Wintermute in the hopes that a new save file will fix the bug. Survival mode has always been the most important part of the game for me, and I knew story mode wouldn't compare. I have well over 400 hours sunk into survival. I have had no problems at all with Survival mode during my Interloper playthrough in the last couple of weeks. The game runs fine technically on XB1: I have experienced no save losses, and no more crashes when exiting buildings as there were before the very first patch. In general, the game runs well on Xbox - it seems most people haven't been stopped by a bug like I was. There were some weird things in Wintermute that a lot of people are complaining about (no voiceover for >50% of story mode interactions, heat-seeking wolves, weak dialog writing, minor bugs and irritations, a general feeling of inadequate QA testing). But the core gameplay is still best-in-genre, the world is beautifully designed and survival mode is the most addictive game experience of the past two years for me. And it cost us $20. Jump in, you'll enjoy it. Don't let the whiners or minor bugs turn you off - TLD is still a fantastic achievement in independent game design.
  4. *Picks up a stick* "I hope no-one needs this any more."
  5. I haven't restarted since that patch, but my understanding is that it's not the very first cave where your plane crashed, but the second cave, where the frozen corpse is.
  6. So your journal is like dates on a calendar, and your stats are counting 24-hour periods from the time that you get dropped into the game? That makes sense I guess, and now I understand why it took longer than I expected for my 'survived 10 days' and 'survived one day in interloper' achievements.
  7. I've started a new Interloper survival game on XB1 since my Wintermute playthrough has stalled with a bearskin I can't pick up. This is my first sandbox game since pre-Cartographer update. As I have done in all sandbox games in the last year or so, I turn the character voice down to zero. I find it gets repetitive otherwise (I get it, you're cold and hungry...this is interloper! Man up!) But in this playthrough, even with the voice audio down to zero, the character voice can occasionally still be heard, but it's very distant and ghostly. It's actually super freaky, especially at night. Happens mostly when I am in menus, though I've heard it when just walking around too. Still, it's a new bug that should be looked at. Zero voice audio should mute the character as it did in the past. @Support
  8. Just found it last night. Stand on the rails right in front of the Forlorn Muskeg tunnel, with your back facing the tunnel. The rock wall that forms the edge of the map towards Jeremiah's will be on your left. While walking along the rails away from the tunnel, the next rock hill/wall on your left holds what you are looking for. Very easy to spot if you're looking around the right place.
  9. Chiming in to say I am having the same problem on XB1. There are no TLD updates pending so I am up-to-date on versions. I had not visited the lookout prior to the most recent update, and had not ever tried to interact with the bearskin until last night. This is a game-stopping bug, I hope it will be fixed quickly.
  10. I went into the bunker one night during the aurora, without a bedroll, and saw the sparking wire. Figured I had to wait until the aurora was gone to enter as the wire was live. Tried going in the next day, but couldn't due to the electric lock on the door. Then that night, more aurora. So I went in with the bedroll and slept until night was over, was able to pass the wire during the day. Then I realized the exit would only open during the aurora, so I slept until night. More aurora, so I left. So I had three back-to-back nights with aurora. I just assumed that the game knew since I was in or around the bunker that it should pop the aurora so that I wouldn't get stuck waiting around. Not sure why you're getting stuck inside for so long - I would imagine the dev team would make it so that this is nearly impossible. Could be a bug. Can you hear blizzards outside or does it seem calm?
  11. Same thing happened to me. On XB1. I have a 100% cleaning kit and a 50% rifle, both picked up in the hunting cabin. I can't clean the gun as I 'don't have a rifle cleaning kit'
  12. Just started last night, and I'm drawing out story mode as long as possible. I'm trying to play it almost like a survival playthrough with a story slowly unfolding in the background. I sort of expect to play through Wintermute only once before going back to Survival, which is why I want to make it last. I just got to Milton after 4 hours of gameplay and am slowly exploring (not helped by four crash-to-dashboards during building exits on Xbox...). The difficulty seems well-balanced, and I hope/expect the world will become less linear now that I'm in Milton. This is my first time playing since the faithful cartographer update and unlike many who are averse to change, I really like that the impreciseness of the new interface adds to the feeling of immersion. Note to anybody like me who turned the volume of the characters voices down to zero long ago in survival mode: turn those back up before you start story mode. It took me until Day 4 to realize why it was so hard to figure out what was going on during the tutorial. oops. Thanks and congratulations for getting there, Hinterland! Loving TLD again.
  13. I agree. Last night was the first time playing since before the Faithful cartographer update, so my first time experiencing the much-derided new UI. I sort of dismissed much of the criticism as 'people hate change (especially gamer people...)'. I really like the realism of the impreciseness of the new UI. I'm just a dude dropped into a survival situation. I can see how high the sun is in the sky, and I know if I'm warm, getting cold or freezing. I don't know exactly how much time is left in the day, and I don't know the exact amount of cold I am feeling as a percentage. It's a good choice for realism, says I.
  14. This happened to me four times over 5 hours of playing last night, exiting three different buildings (first trailer you come across, 2x church, small house in Milton).
  15. Patrick just confirmed on another thread that Wintermute will see the introduction of two new maps, and both of them will be playable in Survivor mode. Big news - I'm actually more excited for that than I am for Chapters 1 & 2 of Wintermute. Link: