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I’ve been playing that game for over a year now and followed the progress! It already is a great game although it's still in alpha version. Please keep up the good work!!! I think the game could be improved here and there. However not everybody will get its will:

- I find it too easy in stalker too – most likely there won’t be any change.

- rapid expiration of clothing and food - most likely there won’t be any change.

But there are things which might be worth it to improve:

- Crafting in darkness – how would crafting at night work? We need light for it. To safe lantern fuel why not invent candles as demanded many times in the forum.

- Crafting while exhausted: It is possible to craft, to cook and to fry for days and days. Condition is dropping far too slow as it would dangerously reach 0.

- Preserving meat: I killed a bear to get his precious fur. Also I had to harvest the meat. I had to collect a lot of wood to fry the meat and I had to stay at this particular place where I stored the meat to consume it before it spoiled. No problem so far, however I am talking about over 30 kg of meat. Is there any chance to cure (to salt) the meat and dig it under the snow to preserve it (to decrease the rate of decay)?

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Candles, proposed, million times, still waiting.

Condition dropping is imo ok, but its restoration is far 2 easy/fast. One good night sleep for 8 hours and you re back to perfect health, even if just a day be4 you have been mauled by 4 different wolves. In my early games i used to be rather peculiar about condition, trying to stay warm, fed, hydrated at all times. Now i can continue doing what im doing, while losing 20-30% of condition without much thought - as long as i stay above 30%, im golden.

Food and meat spoilage has been topic of much discussion for a long time, with a lot of ideas, nothing really changed. Sad really.

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