What has been your favourite change in the Alpha?


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So, I noticed that this would be the 1001st topic in the general discussion page. That's a lot of talk and discussion about the Long Dark! Since the game launched over a year ago, so many things have changed. There have been new maps, new items, new mechanics and a refined ascetic. If you had to choose one (or some) what has been your favourite improvement to the Long Dark?

For me, it was the improved tree models. I know, it's not a huge thing like Timberwolf Mountain (also really cool) but the new trees get me really immersed into the world Hinterland created. Waking up in the Forestry Lookout and heading outside to see the sunrise over a sea of gently swaying branches really strikes home the fact that our character is in the wilderness.

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Timberwolf Mountain, because it offers a real challenge, none of that 24/7 fur zombie dodging stuff like in most other maps, which is not challenging anymore after 300 times but annoying, there it's only half of the time, and less supplies coupled with colder weather make it much more intense, could do with atleast one loaded interior though, kinda missing that in TMW, and the caves don't count.

You don't get cold and you have to dodge wolves in other maps, i would love to see a map in between the difficulty setting TWM and PV have.

An old ski resort perhaps, very cold high up in the mountains, not that much concentrated wildlife like in TWM, not much man made shelter either, but still more than TWM yet far less than PV.

I just want my lonely cabin on a lonely hill in the middle of nowhere that i can call home, but that hut in TWM ain't nothing like that as it has no loaded interior and a hole in the roof.

And did anyone else get so dissapointed trying to go down the hatch in the mountaineers hut, only to find out it's not a warm basement but a tiny place for storage?

Would even probably be much cozier in there than in the actual hut xD

Would you kindly make a damn basement under that hut dear developers?

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