A sled for christmas?


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In my previous topic, I forgot to say that how much I love this game. It's quite hard to describe it because of english is not my maternal language AND this is not the point of this topic.

Anyway, I was carrying to much weight on my way back from desoletion point, where I discovered [spoil]a ship with a forge[/spoil], I get hunted by a wolf whose I stole a deer, get attacked by a bear and looted a lot of material and food, AND I was thinking how much I would enjoy in having a sled to go faster that walking at one miles per hour. I'm not talking about a big sled carried by twelve deers, but rather a little one that we could carry ourselves and crafted with few reclaimed woods, guts and deer hide.

Here is my idea, thanks for reading (regardless of my writing lol)

PS oh and I dream of make friend with wolves by giving them a piece of venison, hanging them to the sled and sliding on the frozen sea!!!... Sorry I got to far, I'm out...)

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Many requests already for sled, sledge, or toboggan! If we get cordage added, many more improvisations are possible. Hinterland is close to release time so it's hard to tell how many enhancements they would add at this time that would alter the game balance. With the addition of temporary shelters, we could endure more severe weather. Personally, I would not mind if they added more stuff and delayed the release another few months. I think the game as long term play potential but needs more things to do and the morale improvements could be very interesting!

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Oh I did not see that someone respond to me.

Yep, I saw your other topic about cordage, and others good ideas.

I feel the same, I can easily wait for one more year if this is for the game to be better than he already is. TLD is the far best survival game I ever played.

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The thread is from four years ago. 

The problem of implementation will always be a serious roadblock simply because the devs and programming team would have to work out the details and put it into code and all the rest.  I think that the actual sled and how to construct it would be the easy part.  How it will be used and what effects and consequences it will have would have to be worked out and that is the difficult part. 

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