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Is this the right place to share information about the technical settings for Open Broadcast Software?

What is a good Scene Buffering Time? we are at 700 ms

Since we have an i5-4440 @ 3.1GH 10 GB RAM 64-bit with Win 8.1 along with a Zotac Nvidia GeForce 750ti with 2 gig VRAM then we use Multithreaded Optimizations. What should our Process Priority Class be? We have it at High.

Under Video we have x264 CPU Preset to veryfast & Encoding Profile at high as recommended elsewhere.

Other advanced settings. We have Use CFR and Custom x264 Encoder Settings. I don't know why but my son insists its good. OBS is set to try for 50 fps recording which gives nice smooth action.

Under Encoding we use the x264 Encoder in preference to Nvidia NVENC. When we test the Nvidia encoding, the video in VLC media player could not seek through the video and had very long pauses.

We are using the Blue Snowball USB3 Microphone which has decent quality without the usual 60 Hz noise that comes with a non-shielded mic you plug into the front. Much better. We are noticing some peak clipping distortion when too close to the mic and speaking loud. I've turned the Mic gain down to 3 and I sit much farther from the mic than my son. We kind of assume the distortion is coming pre-recording because it's the same through the headphones or external speakers.

We have Use CBR on with Enable CBR padding. Don't know what that does.

Audio encoding codec is AAC. No problems with that.

Under Broadcast Settings we have Replay Buffer length set to 1 second. We don't currently use replay so I'm not sure what this should be set to.

For reference our Audio Desktop Audio Device is set to Speakers (Realtek High Def) however this may vary with your hardware and configuration. We don't send our audio through the graphics card since the monitor is only used for video with separate stereo amp speaker output. Of course, we have to use headphones to avoid feedback being picked up by the mic. A throat mic would be a nice alternative but I don't see anything technically appropriate without hooking together a boat load of stuff.

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You can try the base settings using their stream setting estimator, and then fine tuning from there for just video recording if needed:

I wonder if recording at the highest screen display resolutions actually makes very much difference to the end quality of a video? Sure it can render at HD but if the game itself is not producing much detail at that resolution, it's kind of pointless. It surely can make a big difference on file size and hence, load time. Can you give us any insights into the actual game internal resolution Bill? Is there a better video format or codec that does better compression? We notice that the NVidia codec seems to be very slow if seeking the video; I don't know what Youtube does to video codecs etc; they must massage them to produce maximum compatibility and streaming compression needs. It is adaptive too.

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I mainly use OBS for either Twitch streaming, or bug recordings - so my personal settings likely wouldn't be optimal depending on what you're looking to do with the recording.

YouTube will compress the videos to their settings as needed. If that's your main purpose or target, you might ask one of the regular TLD streamers about the best settings for both streaming and YouTube.

I know LMG does both daily, so you could try dropping into his Twitch channel to ask for his advice in chat:

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