Is it too early to see a roadmap of the project?


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I was thinking to avoid repeated questions of this nature, perhaps Hinterland could provide a roadmap of TLD in terms of project scope and such. I know stretch goals are still in the making, and they will change such a roadmap, but a visual presentation (estimation if you will) of where you expect to hit each milestone, and what those milestones are?

I don't want to take too much time away from development of the game, but it was something I had seen on other projects I've backed, and I thought it was an idea that you could perhaps bring to realisation with regards to TLD. If it's a no, then that's fine, and I'll just wait for the periodic updates of when stuff is happening etc.

Just a thought is all, not demanding.

Thanks for reading

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What I'd really love to see is a little developers diary, with some regular updates from the development teams about what they've been working on, what's next on the list and some screenshots or audio clips where possible.

I think all the backers, especially those who backed the alpha tier are very interested in learning about how a game like this develops from a team level just as much as getting to play the foundations of the game a little early.

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A while ago I backed a sort-of similar Kickstarter, where a group of AAA pros have set out to make their own innovative project — République by Camouflaj. Roughly every month they put up a podcast for their backers, where they chat about their progress, going into some technical details — sometimes its their own chance to get the team up to date. At the end, they often discuss other games or off-topic subjects. This podcast alone is easily worth having backed the game. I hope Hinterland could do something in the same vein.

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