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  1. How did you find your second copy, for me it doesnt' show up I did redeem my original key. I see there' some misinformation from all sides
  2. Hi, In my tier the all digital 100$ tier, it stated that there would be a second giftable copy of the game available on the humble page. Is this coming during early access or when the game is actually released? Thanks
  3. thanks for replying. Now my next question is how close are tiers that paid below the $1000 (who got first dibs on the alpha) who also paid for the alpha going to get the alpha? Not demanding, just asking. Some sort of ETA would be good, I think I read somewhere 2 weeks two thursdays ago, so it's been a couple of weeks but no alpha. Also how will the alpha be distributed?
  4. So I backed at $80 does that mean I will still be getting a second copy of the game as per the $40 tier, and that second copy will also be alpha access, or will it only be the first copy that is alpha access and the second copy will only be early access?
  5. How or where do I locate this? I know it's just for bragging rights, but I'm loud thanks EDIT: DOH! Just saw it on the right! Thanks
  6. If you really want to stay off the grid there are better ways than looking at encryption for phones and such. Modular phones sound fine, as long as you can install your own OS/Kernel of choice on it, otherwise you're at their whim.
  7. I was thinking to avoid repeated questions of this nature, perhaps Hinterland could provide a roadmap of TLD in terms of project scope and such. I know stretch goals are still in the making, and they will change such a roadmap, but a visual presentation (estimation if you will) of where you expect to hit each milestone, and what those milestones are? I don't want to take too much time away from development of the game, but it was something I had seen on other projects I've backed, and I thought it was an idea that you could perhaps bring to realisation with regards to TLD. If it's a no, then
  8. Oh one thing that is also on PC gamers minds (not mine personally) is will there be a checkpoint system a la console games, or a quick save system a la old pc games. Seems that most games these days have some sort of checkpoint system and quick saves have been abandoned.
  9. This just appeared on kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2039811773/the-girl-and-the-robot I already previously bought it on the humble store, but thought I would bring this KS to your attention
  10. @Raph Thank you very much for clearing that up sounds like there will be plenty to keep players occupied.
  11. @Alan [Hinterland] I agree that TLD did not make any extravagant propositions when implementing the stretch goals. I mean at one point I was holding my breath, wondering if the game would even meet it's funding goal, especially with other projects via for similar funding at the same time. It's nice to hear a developer talk about risk, and to take into account this when looking at goals, because many would shy away from talking about the nitty gritty and dirty details of risk. But yes, TLD is probably an example of a project that is crowd funded and realistic, and thus stretch goals were imp
  12. Personally I find if the stretch goals are realistic and more importantly modest, then I don't mind them so much. However, I would rather the money went further into development of developing a title, hiring people full time rather than part time for example, rather than say arbitrarily including some generic stretch goals like "OST of the Game". One pet peeve I've developed is that of stretch goals that appear unrealistically before a project has even reached it's funding. I could provide examples, but that would be unfair I think. Do you agree, disagree, feel indifferent about it? Please s
  13. Did they mention if there would be some sort of sanity meter? I mean I don't want an actual meter, but something similar to Eternal Darkness's sanity would be great I think, where your character starts to hallucinate, has nightmares (which could be played out in terms of gameplay at random moments) and so on as your health and sanity deteriorates.
  14. If TLD's world is not persistent, not procedurally generated, and only one large space in which it explore, what is it about this game that would entice you to come back to it? Things like DLC, expansion packs withstanding, I'd like to wonder about what it is about the survival sim that could bring audiences back time and time again. Or, do you think there should be an "end game" whereby, the game is x hours long and the conclusion is you make it out alive and back to civilization. Perhaps the second part of the survival would be adapting and reintegrating the character back into the "real w