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  1. Please make items (food, clothes, tools) degrade at a realistic rate instead of at the current too-swift "game balance" rate.
  2. As gruesome as this next suggestion is, please allow frozen corpses to be more "harvestable."
    On corpses where taking the clothes will not be an option, please allow at least some "cloth" to be harvested.
    If we cannot harvest meat from a corpse, please at least make them look more decayed. Currently they all look rosy-cheeked and comfortably asleep. ;)
  3. Many people have suggested the "bow drill." It makes sense to add it as a crafting item.
  4. Please allow us to carry the entire rabbit home to harvest. I would never sit and harvest something at the capture site I can carry home.
  5. Please add some sort of visual notification when a carried torch is at 10% usage time left.
  6. It would be a nice addition to have frostbite and other ailments that arise from being out in the cold too long (catching a cold, fever).
  7. Please allow us to craft clothing using fishing hooks and cured guts.
  8. If possible, please add the requirement of needing to have bottles for putting our potable water into and allowing bottles to be re-used.
  9. On the same note, please create usable metal and/or plastic pails for putting snow into and carrying inside to melt into 'unsafe water' which can then be boiled.

And the really selfish request: please add a few more animals for variety even if they are 'just for looks' and not "functional" (like crows for example).

I haven't seen squirrels or hawks flying around and just thought that a bit odd.

Some people like the swift item degrade rate "for a challenging game feel" and though I realize that this "item decay" is in Alpha Sandbox for testing purposes, after Story Mode is released this unrealistic item decay serves no purpose in Sandbox mode.

If it will not be removed, please make the 'decay rate' an adjustable option ('on' or 'off') in the Game Settings menu.

I am having a blast in Sandbox. Very interested in the continued development of The Long Dark.

Great job Hinterland, please keep up the good work, and have a Happy New Year :)

{edited bad grammar}

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